Enjoy the good life with nestles flavored water

You no longer need to remain a slave to plain and tasteless drinking water. You can easily move to delectable and safe flavored water that can keep you fully hydrated even as you impatiently wait for your next sip. You can now enjoy the good life with nestles flavored water that is totally pure and extremely tasty.

Nestles flavored water has been brought to you by Nestle Waters North America Inc, and the brand is available under the Nestle Pure Life name. The company competes with other heavyweight brands such as dasani by coke, aquafina by pepsico and clearly canadian from clearly canadian. The flavored water is offered in packaged bottled form and you can choose from 4 delicious flavors that include Tropical Fruit Splash, Kiwi Strawberry Splash, Lemon Splash and Orange Splash. These enhanced fruit flavors are sure to please your tongue and you can also carry these bottles whilst hiking, exercising or traveling, so as to stay adequately and tastily hydrated. Although the flavored drinks by nestle do not contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or calories, they however do contain preservatives and sucralose under the brand name splenda, which is a sweetener derived from sugar itself, albeit minus the calories.

The water used in the production of pure life flavored water passes through reverse osmosis in a filtration plant that removes any bacteria or harmful chemicals that could have a detrimental effect on your growth. The flavors too are natural essences that make each flavor utterly delicious. If you are a hard rock enthusiast then you can simply load the C.D of the band Limp Bizkit called Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water in your car and carry bottles of assorted flavors of pure life to enjoy your day ahead. You could very well do the same even if you enjoy any other genre of music, be it Pop or Country. The key is to sit back with a bottle of pure life flavored water in your hand and relax as you take small sips. In fact, Nestle will also help you to set up your own business of dealing in flavored water if you so desire.

If, however, you want flavored water that does not contain any sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives then you can simply visit reputed online sites that offer such flavors in small bottles that contain various fruit concentrates. You can add your desired flavor with a squeeze of the bottle and get tasty and totally safe flavored water very fast indeed. You can also ask for these bottles to be delivered to your home and by simply adding drinking water that is filtered with a brita or similar water filter, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the flavors of your choice. Since this type of water does not have any additives at all, they are totally safe for children, adults and especially diabetics. You will be able to achieve a nice balance between drinking pure life flavored water and your own homemade version of flavored water, thus expanding the horizons of your palate.

Nestle is one reputed company that has offered several products in the past and their flavored water is just another tasty feather in its cap. You too can enjoy drinking nestles flavored water by simply opening the cap of the bottle and sipping the tasty contents inside.