Flavored waters can help you stay happily hydrated

Although you might not be able to live without water, you could still get bored quite quickly if you have to drink the same bland water each day. A little flavor in that water could keep the interest alive and you would surely await your next break with bated anticipation. Flavored waters can certainly help you stay happily hydrated.

One fast method of enjoying flavored water that does not puncture your pocket is to make your flavored water in your own home. You will have to arrange for safe and filtered water, which can be easy if you have a brita filter with dispenser at home. Floor model dispensers with built-in coolers too can provide cold water that would result in an enhanced taste once you squeeze in a few drops of the flavor of your choice. There are various fruit flavors available online that are sure to please your taste buds and you can simply have them delivered to your home with a few clicks. The biggest advantage you have is that you can mix several flavors to produce your own totally unique flavor. If you are a heavy-rock fan then you can also order in a C.D. of Limp Bizkit by the name of Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog flavored water, which incidentally does not have any connection to the wonderful flavors available over the Internet.

Another method of enjoying cold flavored water that is a bit costly is to go in for bottled flavor water. These packaged bottles too can be ordered over the Internet and you can also have them home delivered so that you do not have to carry them from any neighborhood store to your home. There are several delectable flavors available to blissfully tickle your tongue such as mint, raspberry, peach, apple, passion fruit, blackberry, and many such more. There are brands such as dasani, clearly canadian, aquafina and pure life, among others that also offer pre-mixed flavors such as passion fruit and apple, strawberry and kiwi, etc that offer an exotic taste to your tongue. You will be spared from the effort of filling your own filtered water and then squeezing in the drops if you opt for packaged flavored water.

Although choosing and drinking from the various flavored waters available in the market can be fun, it is imperative that you note the ingredients of each bottle so that you do not ingest worthless calories, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose. These products could cause damage to your body over a period of time. If your flavored water is free from harmful chemicals and calories then you could happily enjoy trying out different flavors that could keep you well-hydrated and please your taste buds at the same time.

You now have the freedom to choose from various options instead of being bound to plain water. Instead of running away from drinking plain water, simply add a few flavors to turn it into a delicious drink that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Flavored waters are not costly if made at home and you can easily make and mix your favorite flavors, and enjoy sipping on a cold and tasty drink thereby affecting your overall growth in a positive manner.