For martha stewart flavored water is a healthy drink

If you love drinking flavored water then you are not alone. Several celebrities including Martha Stewart too love drinking refreshing flavored water since it keeps them and their loved ones wonderfully and tastily hydrated at all times. For martha stewart flavored water is a healthy drink that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Martha Stewart herself loves to drink cold flavored water that contains lime or lemon that is freshly squeezed, as mentioned by her in her website She also relishes drinks made with various other fruits such as pomegranates. In fact, her recipes too contain several exotic ingredients such as thyme and sprigs that could be added to lime water so as to make it even more delicious. Most of her flavored water recipes include boiling water along with sugar and then adding in the required fruit or fruits so as to come up with delicious flavored water and juices that can be enjoyed by adults and children too.

However, if you are health conscious or have diabetes then these drinks could not suit your body over a longer period of time. A better alternative that is also very easy on your wallet is flavor concentrates that are available online. These small bottles that usually contain 30ml of your favorite fruit flavors can easily be home delivered once you place your order over the Internet. The taste of your dull drinking water will get enhanced very fast and you can easily enjoy drinking this flavored water to stay hydrated with a grin on your face. These flavors do not have sugar, sugar substitutes including aspartame, colors, calories or preservatives and thus are suitable for children and diabetics. Each flavor can be squeezed from the flavor bottle into your brita filtered water and you can also dunk in a few ice cubes to get a chilled drink that tastily soothes your thirst.

You can also carry your flavored water in a bottle when you are at the gym or are traveling, or even visiting places that do not have dependable sources of water. Compared to sugary sodas, these flavored drinks are extremely healthy and the taste of natural fruits too will encourage you to drink more and remain safely hydrated throughout the day. Even if you compare this homemade flavored water to bottled flavored water such as aquafina, clearly canadian or dasani, it still scores well since some of these brands contain calories, sugar, color or artificial sweeteners. You can safely drink by the gallon after you make your own flavored water by just squeezing in a few drops of this wonderful concentrate. If you have one of those cooler cum dispensers at home then you can surely enjoy drinking cold flavored water at any time of the day or night while entertaining friends and family at your home will simply be a breeze.

Martha Stewart loves her flavored water and if you do too then you can choose from the varied flavors offered over the Internet. You can click on the flavors of your choice and get them delivered at your doorstep. You can also start creating your own designer flavors by blending in different flavors at the same time. For martha stewart flavored water is certainly an important part of her healthy recipes and you too can create your own unique flavors that are certain to affect your growth in a positive manner.