How does flavored water affect plant growth

You might love to drink flavored water on a regular basis and could even carry bottles of your favorite bottled flavored water while on the move. You could also be drinking a lot of flavored water in a bid to keep your body well-hydrated during sports. But have you ever wondered as to how does flavored water affect plant growth in case you decide to water them with flavored water.

Flavored water can be made at home or can be bought in bottled form from any neighborhood store. There are several brands such as clearly canadian, dasani, aquafina, and many more that offer many delicious flavors such as lime, melon, strawberry kiwi, passion fruit, etc. You can also make mouth-slurping flavored water very fast right at home by simply using water from dispensers and adding drops of your favorite flavors so as to come up with delicious homemade flavored water. You can also come up with your own signature flavor by blending different flavors together and can impress friends and family with your mixing skills.

Most bottled flavored water and flavors that are sold separately do not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners including aspartame, calories, colors or preservatives. Thus, these are the ones that you need to buy if you and your loved ones want to enjoy drinking flavored water for a long time since they do not adversely affect the body in any manner. You can also get bottled flavored water and the bottles of flavors delivered to your home when you place an online order. However, feeding the same flavored water to your plants will depend on the plant, the type of water and flavor that you have used since these factors can affect the growth in such plants.

If you have been using hard water before you start watering your plants with flavored water that has most heavy metals and harmful chemicals removed, then your plants will surely be able to grow faster since there will not be any crusting on the soil associated with hard water. However, if your flavoring consists of sugar then it could have an adverse effect on the growth of the plant since plants cannot process the sugar in the water. Moreover, the sugar in the soil is sure to attract ants and other pests including bacteria and could adversely affect the health of your plants. If your flavored water is free from any preservatives, sugar, color, calories and artificial sweeteners, and is not made from mineral water then there might not be any harm in watering your plants with flavored water.

However, it would be a better idea to monitor the growth of your plants when you make any change to its watering pattern. If your plants appreciate the flavored water then they might respond by becoming healthier and this could indicate that you are on the right track. You can try watering your plants with flavored water made by different water sources before you zoom in on the one that shows the best results. Since plants also respond to music you can also try to make your plants listen to songs from the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water by Limp Bizkit, but only if you are a hard-rock fan yourself.

There is no harm in watering your plants with flavored water provided you keep a close eye on each plant’s reaction and use safe water and flavors. You will not know as to how does flavored water affect plant growth until you try it out on your plants. If they do respond well then your plants too can enjoy the same flavored water that you relish.