How to make delicious homemade flavored water

Although there are many brands of bottled flavored water available on store shelves such as aquafina, pure life, clearly canadian and dasani, among others, it will pay off financially and physically if you opt to make flavored water at home. It is very easy to make delicious homemade flavored water and you can try out different flavors even as you enjoy good health due to increased water intake.

You could have become bored of drinking the same tasteless water and might desire an enhanced taste so as to keep on drinking more water. Well, with homemade flavored water, your wishes can turn true without dehydrating your wallet. There are different ways by which you could flavor your water at home and can drink it to your heart’s content as well as give it to children, friends and family too. Since you will be making your flavored water at home, you will not need to carry those flavored water bottles to your home whenever you feel the need to drink some tasty water.

You can start by chopping up some of your favorite fruits such as peach, apple, pineapple, cucumber and even blend in vegetables such as carrots to give it a unique and healthy twist. Simply slice the vegetables and fruits and store it in your pitcher or dispenser such as the one made by brita. If you have large bottleless dispensers since simply fill up a pitcher and throw in some pieces of ice along with the fruits. You can also add sugar but remember that you will be adding on calories. You can squeeze in lime juice to give it a zingy taste. How you add garnish to your flavored drinks will also depend on your own tastes and those of your family or children. It does not make any difference if you go wrong at first since it will not take much time before you get the right fruits into that water and that too in the right ratio.

One problem of using fresh fruits is limited shelf life and availability of certain fruits at all times. Another cost-effective way of making homemade flavored water is to get various flavor concentrates home delivered by ordering them through the Internet. These flavors are as good as natural fruits as far as taste is concerned and the better ones do not contain any calories, colors, sugar or even artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. This makes them safe to drink the flavored water by one and all, including diabetics since it will not affect their sugar levels at all. You will not need to carry fruits from your local store and the flavored water too would be simply stored in your pitcher or could be carried in your sports bottle when you are traveling or playing outdoor sports. This will help prevent dehydration in a tasty way. Flavored water concentrates can also be turned into a lucrative business if you turn into a reseller and market all the flavors through your own online store. So much for having your own flavored drink and drinking it too!

It is certainly very easy to make your own homemade flavored water and the exciting flavors that you can drink each day will keep you happily motivated to keep on drinking. You are sure to remain healthy even as you develop a new interest in a simple daily routine such as drinking water.