Make flavored water at home and enjoy great taste

If you want to enjoy drinking tasty flavored water but without any harmful effects such as those related with fizzy sodas then you can simply make flavored water at home. You can now not only stay healthy and hydrated but also satisfy your palate at the same time.

Fizzy sodas are usually loaded with sugar that sometimes forms up to 10% of the total content, which is quite unhealthy if you consume it on a daily basis. It is also not suitable for young children, especially when sugar substitutes such as aspartame are used instead of sugar. Most fizzy drinks also contain calories, artificial colors or preservatives, thus making them suitable only for occasional pleasures. On the other hand readymade flavored water that is available in bottled form also suffers from the same problems. Brands such as aquafina, pure life, dasani and clearly canadian offer several delicious flavors but you should definitely read their labels before you try to consume those drinks in place of plain water.

On the other hand, you have a fast and cost-effective solution that can enable you to quickly make flavored water right in your kitchen. All you need to do is to order various 30ml bottles of your favorite flavors over the Internet and have them delivered to your home itself. You can choose from flavors such as peach, melon, black currant, black berry, raspberry, lemon, etc. You can easily add water that has been passed through your brita water filter for added safety. Blend in a few drops of the flavor in your water and slide in a few ice cubes to get delicious homemade flavored water in a couple of seconds. Your brita filtered water can also affect the growth of your house plants in a positive manner even as you enjoy the fruit flavors of your choice or mix different flavors. As compared to fizzy sodas and bottled flavored water, your homemade flavored water will be totally free of artificial additives and can thus be used to hydrate your body daily during exercising, hiking, jogging, cycling or traveling.

There are many other benefits to drinking flavored water made at home. You will not avoid drinking water since you will simply become impatient to try out new flavors. You can make flavored water very easily and can even serve it to guests and children by storing it in large cooled dispensers. The boring taste of plain water is simply enhanced by various tongue-pleasing flavors. You will also not need to carry any bottles of bottled water from the store even as you make flavored water by the gallon and consume it without worrying about any ill-effects. It does not matter as to which flavor you enjoy since you will have a very wide choice of flavors to choose from simply by clicking on your mouse.

Flavored water can be easily made right at home and this cost-effective method will save you a bundle of money while providing great taste for you and your family. You can make flavored water with a gentle squeeze of the flavor concentrate bottles and voila, you have great taste in your hands at the blink of your eyes. So, enjoy your favorite flavors and stay healthy at the same time without worrying about any adverse side-effects.