Renew your zest for life with flavored seltzer water

Who doesn’t like sodas or fizzy drinks? You too might love drinking these carbonated drinks in various flavors, but could also be concerned about the long-term effects of commercial sodas. Well, you can safely enjoy your flavored drinks if you make them at home. You can now renew your zest for life with flavored seltzer water.

Natural carbonated water or seltzer as it is popularly known can easily be made at home with a soda maker. This carbonated water should be made from filtered water that has been purified by brita, pur or other reputed filtration systems. You can enjoy drinking plain seltzer water or can certainly add your favorite flavors to the water. Although there are many brands that offer packaged flavored water including dasani, pure life, aquafina, clearly canadian, etc, they cannot be compared to flavored seltzer water since they are not bubbly and miss the zing of a carbonated drink. You can also have soda rental machines and flavor concentrates delivered to your own home with just a click of your mouse when you log on to various online sites that offer these services. You will not have to carry packaged carbonated soda bottles from any store to your home any more.

You can get an enhanced taste out of your seltzer water by adding delectable fruit flavors such as lemon, lime, apple, peach, black currant, melon, and many, many more. Homemade seltzer water that is flavored is a healthier option to drinking commercial sodas since it does not contain any calories, sugar, preservatives or artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame. In addition, it is also very cost-effective to make your own seltzer water along with your favorite flavors in your own mini soda-making plant right in your kitchen or living room. You can learn to come up with your own flavors very fast once you know how much flavor and carbonic acid needs to be blended in to produce that perfect taste. You can also entertain friends and guests by offering them your own flavors made after blending in 2 or more flavors.

However, you should keep an eye out on the sodium content that could be present in your carbonated water. Make sure that your seltzer water has low or no levels of sodium so that it remains as natural as possible. You can now enjoy drinking many glasses of seltzer water flavored for your palate without worrying about any ill-effects on your health. This sure is a safer and tastier alternative to drinking packaged sodas or colas, or plain water. The right combination of filter, soda-maker and flavor will help turn your plain tap water into tasty seltzer water that is flavored to your required strength. Your creation will also taste good with any meal or even with a hot dog or burger.

With people turning towards healthy alternatives, it will surely pay to turn towards flavored seltzer water instead of gulping down commercial sodas that could harm the body in the long term. Not only will you get a choice of making your own seltzer water right at home, but you will also be able to blend your own flavor or flavors so as to create your own unique delicious drink.