Say cheers to flavored water drinks

Simply drinking plain water day in and day out can get monotonous and could even harm your body if you try to escape the boredom by drinking less water. Shifting to fizzy sodas could result in even more harm in the long run. However, you can say cheers to flavored water drinks and happily enjoy drinking glassfuls of various flavors day after day.

Most packaged sodas are loaded heavily with sugar or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and thus cannot be consumed in place of plain water. You can certainly go in for bottled flavor water but the cost of these bottles can be prohibitive in the long run. There are many brands competing for your paletteā€™s attention and some of the notable ones are clearly canadian, dasani, pure life and aquafina. These come in various fruit flavors such as strawberry kiwi, lemon, chocolate, mint, raspberry, peach, pineapple, etc, that can surely help you to remain happily hydrated. You can try out different flavors by logging on to online sites and even have them delivered to your home so that you do not need to carry the bottles to your home. However, disposing of empty bottles still remains an environmental issue that needs to be effectively tackled.

On the other hand, you can also create homemade versions of flavored and carbonated flavored water right at home. You can just use water filtered by brita or any other reputed company and mix the required drops of your favorite flavor. The process is simple and fast and extremely cost-effective too. The best part is that dispensers, soda makers and flavoring bottles in many different flavors can easily be home delivered by any reputed online dealer once you place an order. In fact, you can turn into a business person yourself by marketing flavors made by select reputed companies. You should make sure that you use filtered water that is so safe that it also promotes positive growth in your plant when you use the same water for watering it. You will now have tasty flavored water that can be consumed in place of plain water without any ill effects in the long term. The wonderful taste of this flavored water and the ability to keep on changing the flavors will keep you motivated enough to keep on drinking and will thus ensure that your remain blissfully hydrated.

These flavored water drinks are also great to make during any party or get-together in your home or office. By mixing different flavors you can also create tastier and exclusive flavors that can make you the star of any party. There will not be any adverse effect on your health if the flavors that you choose are without sugar, calories, and artificial colors and sweeteners. You can thus drink your flavored drinks during your gym routine or while traveling or even while jogging or cycling.

The arrival of tastier alternatives to simply gulping plain water can ensure that you remain hydrated and healthy even as you enjoy trying out new flavors. You can surely go in for flavored water drinks and make it a tasty part of your daily routine.