Sip your way to good health with aquafina flavored water

Pepsico Inc. started marketing aquafina water in various forms including plain, flavored and carbonated in the American, Canadian, and Indian markets, among others and was rewarded with instant success. While their bottled water have turned into best-sellers in their respective countries, their flavored water too is appealing to the palates of the young and old. You too can now sip away to good health with aquafina flavored water.

Aquafina flavored water is marketed under the brand name “Aquafina FlavorSplash”. You can choose between various tongue-tickling flavors such as Wild Berry, Raspberry, Citrus Blend, Grape, etc. This range of flavored water is artificially sweetened and is not carbonated. However, aquafina also caters to people who are weight-conscious by offering them “Aquafina Alive”, which contains lower calories and is enriched with vitamins.

These are available in flavors such as Orange Lime, Peach Mango, etc. Another range, known as “Aquafina Plus+” is also a low-calorie drink in flavors such as Passion-Fruit Citrus, Blackberry Grape, and many other exciting flavors. There are other variants too that are available in carbonated sparkling water in equally stirring flavors.

There are other brands too such as Dasani by the Coca-Cola Company that compete with aquafina for a share of the growing market. While business has been booming for both the manufacturers, consumers now also have a choice of flavoring their own drinking water right at home. If you have a bottled or bottleless water dispenser with a cooler or even a brita water pitcher with a filter at home then you too can easily flavor your own water right in the comfort of your own home.

You do not need a huge plant to make your own flavored water. All you need are small bottles of various flavors such as Passion Fruit, Apple, Lemon, Black Currant, etc. You can use these flavors to turn your staid drinking water into a tasty drink without piling on those calories.

While aquafina offers you an assurance of high-quality flavored drinking water, your own homemade flavored water too can be equally safe if your filtration process is perfect. You should make sure that you change the filters on time. You can get your dispenser and the replacement filters delivered right to your home along with the flavors of your choice.

You can also create your own flavor by mixing two or more flavors to come up with a brand new flavor. This will encourage you to try out new flavors week-after-week. You should go in for a flavoring company that offers sugar-free, calorie-free, color-free and preservative-free flavors so that you can remain healthy even as you enjoy each sip of your refreshing flavored water at all times.

If you are someone that is always on the move then aquafina has a wonderful range of different flavors that can quench your thirst in a tasty manner. You can now sip away to good health with aquafina flavored water and also enjoy making your own flavored water when at home. You can truly have the best of both worlds as you slowly and tastily re-hydrate your body with the wide range of aquafina flavors.