This chocolate starfish hot dog flavored water has to be heard

If you are not a huge fan of heavy metal or rap then you could probably end up confused if you hear about chocolate starfish hot dog flavored water. However, this is not a brand or a flavor that tastes of hot dogs or chocolates in the shape of a starfish but rather is the name of an album known as chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water released by Limp Bizkit.

Released in the year 2000, the album received critical acclaim and flak alike from its die-hard fans and critics alike that complained of the heavy sexual innuendoes and swear words used in most of the songs. However, fans did not seem to be perturbed by the lyrics and the band managed to sell more than a million copies of the album within a span of the first week. Till date the album has sold more than twelve million copies, a testament to the number of fans that like the music created by the band. However, for someone that might not like rap-infused hard rock, the term hot dog flavored water might sound confusing and even revolting.

On the other hand, the flavored water market throughout the world has grown by leaps and bounds and you can now choose between different brands of flavored bottled water, water dispensers and can even flavor water from a pitcher or a sports bottle with a filter. The flavors available to flavor your water range from lemon, strawberry and raspberry to exotic ones such as black currant and blackberry. You can also go in for packaged flavored bottled water such as aquafina, clearly canadian, pure life and dasani so as to quench your thirst in a delicious way. Flavored water offers you to taste an enhanced version of your filtered water, be it by brita, pur or any other purification system and you are sure to impatiently wait so as to get thirsty again. You can now keep the flavored water by your side and drink it at regular intervals so as to ward off dehydration in a delectable manner.

You can also make your own flavored water right at home since all you require is filtered water and various bottles of your favorite flavors. In fact you can get everything from bottled water or dispensers on a rental basis and even the different flavors home delivered by placing an online order with a reliable dealer. You will not have to learn on how to make tasty flavored water since all you need to do is to squeeze a few drops of the flavor into your filtered water and enjoy drinking throughout the day. Some reputed companies manufacture flavors that do not have sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners and colors in them and are thus safe for everyone, including diabetics. You can also mix-and-match several flavors so as to come up with your own creation that tastes totally different.

Do not worry if you are not rock-music savvy and are confused about the term chocolate starfish hot dog flavored water. You can still relax with a glass of your favorite flavored water in your hand and listen to your own brand of music. Either way, you can still try out various flavors and also mix them so as to relieve your thirst pangs in a fun and tasty manner.