Why children and adults like fruit flavored water

There are no doubts as to why children and adults like fruit flavored water. As it is important to drink plenty of water daily, getting children to drink fruit flavored water that is both delicious and refreshing is a great idea. Many adults also find it difficult to drink around eight glasses of water per day. The best way to hydrate your body is to drink flavored water instead that not only tastes good but gives your body the water it needs.

Soft drinks and sodas are harmful to your health and you can easily get your kids to switch to flavored water if you make sure there is plenty of it in your refrigerator instead of colas. Fruit flavored water can be easily made at home. If you find it expensive to keep on buying flavored water from the market, you should consider making your own at home. It is not only easy but light on your pocket!

Remember, the main purpose of having flavored water at home is to get you to drink the required amount of water daily so that toxins can be flushed out and you are healthy. Wise parents are making sure that they offer their children their favorite flavored water drinks so that they stay hydrated. Fruit flavored water is a great favorite with everyone. Not only can you make it at home using fruit like strawberries, blackberries, grapes, plums, oranges etc, but you can also opt of the easier way of using fruit flavored drops.

These flavored drops are easily available in the market and not very expensive. A few drops of your favorite flavor can give you a tasty drink at any time. Flavors range from banana cream, vanilla, and pineapple to mint, ginger and chocolate. There is no end to the choices you can have when it comes to fruit flavored drops. Adults who wish to avoid sugar can also opt for flavored water without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Innovative fruit flavored water can be made at home using cucumber slices, crushed mint leaves and even a bit of ginger and honey. A bit of coffee syrup can make your drink refreshing and invigorating. You will find that keeping a handy jug of chilled flavored water in the refrigerator makes your family drink more water than they would do normally. This will help to keep their bodies metabolically clean and also maintain body temperatures.

The use of natural flavors instead of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavors is advised. It is important to choose your flavored waters with care when buying them from the market because some of them can be equivalent to drinking juice instead of giving you the natural benefits of water. It is therefore best when you prepare the flavored water at home using natural and fresh ingredients. Home made flavored water recipes are plenty and easy to prepare which will make you and your family have a healthy intake of water on a daily basis.