Why flavored water is good for you

Is flavored water good for you? This is a question that is being asked by people all over the world. The answer is “yes”. There are many reasons why flavored water is good for you and your family. The most important being – it ensures that you get your daily supply of water which is extremely important for your health and well being.

It is a fact that one has to drink sufficient amount of water to flush out deadly toxins from the body and to keep one’s body well hydrated. The problem arises when it becomes difficult for children and adults to drink the water required every day. This is because water is tasteless and unless one is really thirsty one finds it impossible to drink it. The easiest way out of this predicament is to drink flavored water that is both tasty and ensures that you have your daily intake of water.

Flavored water is available in the market and the range of flavors is tempting. You can buy your favorite flavor and choose from vanilla, chocolate, peppermint and strawberry to coffee, coconut and Irish cream. This obviously makes it so easy to get your children to drink enough of water every day. All you have to do is make sure your refrigerator is well stocked with your family’s favorite brand of flavored water, at all times.

If you do find buying flavored water from the market expensive, then you can switch to homemade flavored water. It is extremely easy and convenient. All you need is fresh fruit and natural ingredients. If you want fruit flavored water all you have to do is cut up or mash the fruit into a pulp and add chilled water to it. Keep the jug in the refrigerator overnight to allow the flavors to blend with the water and in the morning you can have a delicious drink of fruit flavored water.

It is easy to make cucumber flavored water by adding thin slices of cucumber to the water, or ginger and honey flavored water that will add a “zing” to your drink. Herbs like mint (a few crushed leaves will do), lemongrass or parsley are excellent as they not only are refreshing but have a lovely aroma. Being innovative in the kitchen and making different flavored water every week will make your family look forward to grabbing that refreshing glass of flavored water every day.

The easiest way to make flavored water at home is to use fruit flavored drops that are natural and are easily available. Just adding a few drops (you can control the sweetness by the amount of drops you use) to chilled water will give you a delicious drink at any time. As far as possible you should stay away from using preservatives and artificial sugars that may contain chemicals. If needed, you can use them very sparingly as remember; you are supposed to be drinking “water” that does not contain any chemicals.