Why flavored water is good for you

There are many reasons why flavored water is good for you. It is a known fact that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated as well as to flush out toxins. Water is good for you. Unfortunately it is not so easy to drink the required amount of water daily because of the fact that water is tasteless and one does not tend to drink it unless thirsty. Mothers are finding it increasingly difficult to get their kids to drink enough of water every day. The best solution to this problem is getting your family and you to drink flavored water which is tasty and at the same time refreshing.

Flavored water is available in the market today. Flavors range from vanilla and chocolate to mint and coffee. Popular brands of flavored water are being sold daily to people who realize that drinking flavored water helps them to get their daily intake of water. If you find that buying flavored water is too expensive for your needs, then you can always make flavored water at home. Homemade flavored water recipes are in plenty and with little effort you can make delicious flavored water that will tempt the whole family into drinking enough of water every day.

To make flavored water all you need is fresh and natural ingredients. Fruit flavored water can be easily make with fresh fruit like lemon, oranges, mango, banana, strawberries, grapes etc. All you have to do is to cut up the fruit into small pieces (you can even mash the fruit into a pulp) and add it to chilled water. Leave the concoction in the refrigerator overnight and you will have the best flavored water the next day.

An easier way to make flavored water is to just add a few drops of natural flavoring. Flavored drops are also easily available in the market. All you have to do is to add a few drops of your favorite concentrated natural favoring drops and you can have flavored water in a few seconds. The number of drops that you use will control the boldness or subtleness of the flavored water. Therefore the flavored water you make will never be too subtle or too sweet, but just right for you, according to your personal taste.

Some products use natural stevia sweetener just to enhance the flavor but not to make it sweet. Stevia is calorie free and a healthy alternative to sugar as it is an organic natural herbal product. It does not contain aspartame, sugar, saccharin or fructose. These flavored drops have no fats, salts, carbs or calories and promote the drinking of more water. Since they enhance the taste of water, dairy, coffee, tea and desserts they are being used more widely. Furthermore they can be carried by you anywhere to be used at any time.

Flavored water is loved by kids and adults too. It is better for kids than the high calorie juices, colas, sugary drinks and other beverages. Besides, the kids will get all the natural benefits of drinking water when they drink flavored water.