Eat fruit that is 90% water

Fruits are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber. But did you know that fruits contain around 90% water? You can also remain hydrated and energized if you consume several fruits throughout the day. You should certainly eat fruit that is 90% water so as to remain healthy and hydrated all through the day.

Water is constantly sucked out of your body through evaporation. When you exercise, this process is accelerated. You need to constantly replenish that water so that your kidneys along with several other vital organs continue to function in an optimum manner. However, you might be too busy throughout the day to consume sufficient water or might simply hate drinking plain water at regular intervals. However, this could prove to be dangerous as dehydration could cause fainting spells even as it damages your body from the inside.

Since fruits are made up of around 90% water, it is a good source of hydration for your body. In addition you also get vitamins and other vital nutrients through fruits even as your bowel movements remain smooth due to the presence of fiber in fruits. All you need to do is to cut a few fruits and keep them in a bowl so that you can eat them at regular intervals. You can also decorate the sides of the bowl with a floaral arrangement so that it presents a visual attraction to your loved ones too, and entice them to eat fruits throughout the day. However, use a mesh to keep away flies from your fruit bowl.

If you have a farm where you grow fruit trees then you can certainly enjoy eating fruits by simply plucking them off trees. However, in winter when your trees and fruits are covered by frost, this could be a problem, even as you might need to keep a bucket of water with a tiny hole at the bottom at the base of each fruit tree to prevent the roots from freezing. In such a case, you can still enjoy the flavor of your favorite fruits in liquid form. By visiting the Internet and buying some of your favorite fruit flavors that are available in small bottles, you can enjoy the same taste minus any calories, sugar, artificial colors or preservatives. These flavored bottles can also be delivered to your home with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can now enjoy various flavors such as melon, lime, kiwi, grapefruit, lemon, apple, strawberry, and many more even if they are not available in actual fruit-form during a particular season. You can blend a few drops of your favorite flavors in regular or sparkling water and sip on it through the day so that you remain totally hydrated in a delicious manner. If you are a diabetic then you might not be able to eat fruits due to their sugar content, but you can surely enjoy drinking flavored water without any worries as they do not contain any sugar. If you are not diabetic then you can enjoy eating and drinking your fruits by dunking in a few chunks of your favorite fruit in flavored sparkling water. Children too will love this combination and happily eat fruits that they would normally have avoided eating alone.

Fruits are a rich source of energy. However, these fast times might not have left you with enough time to cut and consume your favorite fruits. You can still enjoy the taste of your preferred fruits by using natural flavors in plain or carbonated water and even slicing up a few slices of fruits to enjoy a delectable combination. You can now eat fruit that is 90% water or even drink various flavors so as to remain happy and hydrated all through the day.