Fruit trees needs very little water

If you have been thinking about owning a fruit farm filled with juicy fruit trees then you can surely turn it into a reality. There are several rural pockets near cities all around the world that offer you a chance to build your own farm and plant your own trees or simply pick up an existing farm and reap the fruits of someone else’s labor, at least for the first season. Fruit trees needs very little water and by planning well, you can get excellent returns on your farm, even as you enjoy breathing in fresh and healthy air from the countryside.

Although most fruits are made up of around 90% water, in reality they do not require too much water. Certain fruits such as banana and strawberry require very high levels of water, especially in hot and dry conditions but other fruits such as apples, figs, and grapes require very little water. Fruits such as kiwi, raspberry, grapefruit, lemon, peach and plum require moderate to high amounts of water only during summer.

However, if you have bought or started a fruit farm in Canada, where the weather is mostly cold then you will not have a problem since the soil would mostly be moist throughout the year. You will although need to take special care during the freezing winter due to the presence of frost that could damage the roots of your fruit trees. A bucket of water placed near each tree with a small outlet at the bottom will ensure that the roots remain moist instead of freezing over. A layer of mulch too will protect your trees from the freezing cold.

You can also save a lot of water by opting for drip-irrigation. You only need to lay down a pipe with precise holes near the roots or each fruit tree. You can now allow water to drip at pre-determined levels so that your tree receives the exact amount of water without a single drop being wasted. You will also need to protect your trees from pests such as bacteria and flies for optimum fruit production. You should also group together trees that require similar amounts of water so that there is less wastage of water. Once your trees start to provide fresh fruits then you can start selling them in local markets, export them or even sell it to flavored bottled water, flavored sparkling water and flavored juice water manufacturers that will blend slices of these fruits in their drinks or extract their juices before mixing it with plain or sparkling water.

You can find such bottles lining your neighborhood store or supermarket. You can choose from various fruit flavors that might feature real fruit juice or simply essence blended in plain or sparkling water. You could also make flavored water at home by buying flavor concentrates over the Internet and blending it with plain or carbonated water. You can now keep a bowl full of your farm fresh fruits that can be cut and eaten by you and your loved ones even as you sip on your favorite flavored water to prevent dehydration.

If you want to enjoy the cool countryside life then you can start your own fruit farm to grow a wide variety of fruits. Fruit trees needs very little water for most part of the year and by using modern-yet-inexpensive techniques you can increase your fruit output even while conserving water at the same time.