Perform your own amount of water in fruit experiment

If you think that fruits contain a lot of water then you will be amazed to learn that fruits are almost totally made up of water. You can perform your own amount of water in fruit experiment to find out the facts yourself. Fruits do contain other ingredients such as vitamins, salts and acids but you will be startled to know as to the percentage of water present in most fruits.

You can take a fruit such as a peach for your experiment although any other fruit can be used. Start by slicing up your peach into small pieces after removing the seed. You will also require a weighing scale that weighs in grams or ounces, an oven for your experiment along with a paper and pencil. You will need to weigh all your peach pieces together and write down the combined weight on your paper. You can now place your peach pieces on your oven tray and push the tray in your oven. Set the temperature to around 210 degrees Fahrenheit or around 98 degrees Celsius and start your oven.

Your oven should be kept on until you notice a definite drying up of your peach pieces. Your peach might look all shriveled up and dried and this would be the time to remove your tray from the oven. Remember to exercise caution as the tray would be extremely hot. You will have to let the pieces of peach cool down, which could take around 2 hours. Once they are cooled, you will have to weigh them again. You will immediately notice that your latter weight is much lower than the earlier weight.

You can now calculate the percentage of water in your peach by dividing the latter weight figure with the earlier weight figure and then multiplying that figure with 100. The figure that you will get now is the percentage of water in the dry peach. Once you subtract that figure from 100, you will get the percentage of water in the original or wet peach. Your experiment is now completed and you can calculate the amount of water in different fruits with this method. However, do not be surprised if you find that the water contained in all fruits is approximately 90%. Thus fruits do help in keeping you healthy and hydrated at the same time.

However, if you abhor drinking staid old water to remain hydrated then you can try drinking flavored or sparkling flavored water. All you need to do is to add various flavors including kiwi, passion fruit, apple, peach, grapefruit, and lemon, among many others to plain or carbonated water and sip on them all day long. Remember to choose flavors that do not have any calories, artificial sweeteners or sugar, artificial colors or preservatives if you want to enjoy good health all year long. You can now munch on your favorite fruits as well as drink flavored water to remain hydrated throughout each day.

Your experiment would be an eye-opener if you had not expected fruits to be made up of so much water. Perform your own amount of water in fruit experiment to find out the water content in various fruits while making sure that you eat them for good health too. Drinking flavored water too will help you to remain healthy while pleasing your palate at the same time.