With fruit wash water vinegar pesticides can be removed

With a high level of pesticides being used to protect fruits from diseases and pests, it is vital that you remove such chemicals from your fruits before you proceed to eat them. With fruit wash water vinegar pesticides can be removed in a natural and cost-effective manner, and you and your loved ones can enjoy eating all types of fruits without any fear of ingesting harmful pesticides.

All fruits and vegetables are loved not only by humans but also by pests such as flies that manage to lay their eggs over them. Bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli can also penetrate fruits and get passed on into your digestive tract causing grave danger once you consume such fruits. Fruits contain around 90% water and also contain several vital vitamins along with fiber to help in digestion and bowel movement. However, farmers end up spraying various pesticides over these fruits to protect their crops and these chemicals will not come off by merely rinsing them with plain water.

You could buy several packaged vegetable washes that are available in stores to wash your fruits before you cut and eat them. However, these products are quite costly and some are also made up of chemicals that might not agree with your body in the long run. A natural alternative would be a vinegar fruit wash that can be made in seconds. All you need is a little vinegar that is dissolved in water. Most households have vinegar in their kitchens and hence this can be turned into a cost-effective protection against harmful pesticides. You can also add a little lemon juice for added protection as lemon is a known disinfectant.

You should mix one part of vinegar, preferably white vinegar with 3 parts of water. You can also blend in one tablespoon of lemon juice into the bowl. You can now dip in your favorite fruit be it apple, strawberry, grapefruit, peach, etc and scrub them so as to remove wax and pesticides from the outer cover. Your fruit wash water vinegar combination will remove around 98% of all bacteria from the fruits, thus making it extremely safe to be consumed by you and your family. Most packaged fruit washes have difficulty in providing so much protection even as others simply contain the same ingredients that you can make at home in an instant.

You can now create a fancy arrangement of your cut fruits by arranging them in a bowl or dish and then creating a floaral arrangement around it to make it look attractive. Your family will surely appreciate your efforts and reward you by enjoying eating those neatly sliced and diced fruits that are totally safe to be consumed. You can also extract the juice of these fruits and turn them into a delicious drink. If you do not have sufficient time to wash or cut fruits then you can simply buy natural fruit flavors over the Internet and blend them into tasty flavored drinks in plain or sparkling water. This delectable water can help prevent dehydration in a pleasurable and tasty manner.

Although it is important to eat fruits, drink their juice or even drink flavored water made from natural essence to stay away from dehydration, it is important that all dangerous bacteria and pesticides residing in those fruits be flushed out before consumption. With fruit wash water vinegar pesticides can be removed safely without incurring a high cost. You and your loved ones can now enjoy eating your favorite fruits while remaining safe from the dangerous effects of pesticides.