Are you looking for an antique Shasta seltzer water bottle?

Are you looking for an antique Shasta seltzer water bottle? In nostalgia for the past, many people have started collecting old vintage seltzer bottles. There are many ways to display these bottles – especially if you have a bar or bar area in your home.

One of the most prized antique seltzer water bottles is one from Shasta. When looking for this bottle you must look for text on a side that says “Shasta Water from Shasta Spring C.B. Strohm Co. agents Los Angeles, Cal. Average Contents 34 fluid ounces”. On the bottom of the bottles is “Made in Checho-Slovakia”. The siphon on the top of the bottle is “Shasta Water” and has an “X” on it.

There are many vintage seltzer water bottles marketed on the internet including the vintage New York Seltzer Water bottles that were made in Czechoslovakia in the late 10th century to early 20th century. These bottles are only genuine if they have the mark “made in Czechoslovakia” on the bottom of the bottles. The metal top will also have on it “N.Y. Seltzer Co., Detroit, MICH”. (Note the old state abbreviation for Michigan.)

Another vintage collectable is the seltzer water bottle made and marketed by Scholtz Brothers Jackson Bottling Company in Philadelphia Pa. Bottle collectors can find this bottle at several websites on the internet.

I also found a very unique vintage seltzer bottle on the internet from a private collector. This bottle was a beautiful and unique antique “Vaseline” glass seltzer bottle. It is not sure if there are any others of this type around but if you think you have found one at a flea market or antique market or store, it must have “W&Co” on the bottom. This bottle is from the late 19th century and has excellent Vaseline glass hand-blown in a swirl shape. If you found any seltzer bottle like this – grab it as it would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

I found from another private collector a very rare cobalt soda seltzer bottle. These bottles are blue swirl glass with an art deco design on etched glass. These bottles will have the mark of “BM” on the bottom of the bottle. This is another unique bottle to keep a look out for at flea markets or antique stores and is quite a fine especially if the metal mechanism on the top is still working. This is true of any glass antique seltzer bottles – the better shape that the metal mechanism on top is and especially if it is still working – the more the bottle is worth and the more it will add to your collection.

EBay has a large selection of vintage seltzer bottles that you may be able to get at a bargain bid. In fact, I was very surprised how many there were and in what good shape they all seem to be in. So you should definitely check out EBay. But be sure it is the real deal as there are also many fakes on EBay.

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