What mixes with seltzer water?

What mixes with seltzer water? The answer is very simple – almost anything!

Seltzer water is water with the carbonation naturally occurring. It is water that comes from the ground usually from what are called artesian wells. This water goes thru layers of minerals containing different forms of carbonates and the water absorbs the carbon dioxide gas contained in the carbonates. So the bubbles and fizzy already gives seltzer water something unique in taste.

But there are still some picky children and adults who need to have flavored water, so there are many ways to flavor seltzer water. You can get seltzer water at any grocery store or stores where they sell specialty waters. Or you can buy a device for home use which adds the CO2 into plain water thus preparing an almost limitless supply of water for making soda drinks.

For non-alcoholic drinks or soda pop, you can mix seltzer water with bits of fruit for a natural flavored drink or use any type of frozen fruit concentrate to make a fruit punch. You can mix seltzer with grape juice, apple cider, as well as concentrated lemon or lime juice or you can use any combination of juices for unique and different flavored soda pop. You can even use milk, either plain or chocolate, pour in an ice tray and freeze with a stick for homemade popsicles.

There are also almost limitless ways to serve flavored seltzer water – poured over ice cubes, small bits of fruits, in tall glasses or in plastic bottles for the kids. You can crush up the flavored water with ice and make a cool, refreshing slushy type drink which is especially delicious on a hot or humid day when the kids love to run and play in the back yards.

As for the adults in the family or neighborhood, the alcoholic drink recipes are also endless as seltzer water is a great mixer for vodka, gin, champagne and all different types of wine. You can add fruit flavors or bits of fruit for a tropical drink or mix cider, brandy and rum with seltzer water for a power packed punch. The internet is full of alcoholic drinks that can be made with seltzer water.

There are also even food preparation recipes such as one that I found for preparing carrots with seltzer water for vegetables with a twist. The internet is also full of these type recipes also.

Did you know that Sweden has been the leading innovator of flavored carbonated water?
For the last 6 years, with a world market share of 2/3rds and increasing?

More and more people are turning to flavored carbonated water due to its amazing refreshing taste and huge health benefits as it has no added sugar, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, fruit concentrate or calories. Some of the many great fruit flavors that can be purchased include black currant, apple, lemon and blueberry and many more.

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