Baking soda with water

You have a few things in your kitchen which have really wonderful multipurpose utility. Baking soda and vinegar are present in every household, usually used only while cooking and baking. Baking soda and water concoction can be used for several purposes. It can be used as cleanser, deodorizer, and even for softer and cleaner laundry. You should make sure to find details about the amount of baking soda to be added to water so that it proves beneficial.

The most important use of baking soda is for the purpose of tackling acid reflux, indigestion and similar stomach problems. Add just one teaspoon baking soda to about one cup of water. Soda water helps neutralize the stomach acids. As acids are neutralized you can get pretty much of a relief from heartburn and uneasiness that you normally experience in such times. When you drink soda water in case you are troubled by acid reflux, it does the trick and gives you immense relief. As the carbon dioxide is released, you feel relieved if you burp and feel the pressure inside your stomach reduced. If you add lemon juice to this mixture it tastes even better.

You can even make healthy sports drinks using baking soda. Add one quart of water, one teaspoon baking soda, one tablespoon salt, five teaspoons sugar and one pack of children’s drink. If you want you can refrigerate it. Carry it wherever you go in the trendy sports bottles that are available.

Baking soda with water can be a part of your gout diet. Understand the details and seek advice of your doctor before using it. Those suffering from gout may find it useful to take around four doses through the day. Add about half a teaspoon of baking soda to six fluid ounces of water. The benefit is achieved by making uric acid more soluble. It may even be useful in dissolving MSU gout crystals due to its alkalizing effects.

Further if you want quick relief from bug bites and itchiness a thick paste of baking soda and water may be applied.

When you soak dried beans you may add baking soda to the water. As baking soda is non toxic, it can be safely used while cooking. Vegetables and fruits can also be cleaned with water and baking soda solution. It may also be safely used for cleaning baby bottles.

Baking soda is extremely effective as a cleansing agent. Mixed with warm water, it helps remove stains and dried and burnt food from pot bottoms.

Add soda to bath water for a detox bath. It is really very soothing to your skin. You will feel rejuvenated after a detox bath. A small amount of baking soda in baby’s bath water helps relieve them of diaper rash irritation. Two cups of baking soda added to bath water helps reduce the discomfort of sunburns.

There are several uses of baking soda and water. It is environmentally safe to use it for cleansing, deodorizing and cooking. Ensure that you use baking soda with water in proper quantities keeping in mind the details available from various sources.