To get water that is tasty and healthy is very easy thanks to

The guys at have come up with some tasty treats to flavour your homemade sparkling water. These flavours are cheap and very healthy as they contain only the flavour and nothing else.

Many people think that just drinking water is very boring and prefer to have a form of hydration that tastes of something so many people drink juice with their water. This juice can be full of unhealthy ingredients. have solved the problem of boring water with their new calorie free flavours for sparkling water.

There are a number of syrups on the market that claim to be better for you than normal soda. The common issue with these is that they taste very poor in comparison to the real thing and its debatable as to whether they are actually healthier than normal soda. These new flavours from taste great and are actually good for you.

The great thing about these new drinks flavours from is that they do not contain any of the horrible unhealthy additives or calories that different popular flavoured sodas do.

All these flavours contain is the flavour. This makes it the best option when flavouring your carbonated water.

These flavours taste especially good when the water has gone through the carbonated process.
Carbonated water is what happens when co2 is injected into still water. This creates the fizz in the water. You can either buy sparkling water from the shops or you can make it yourself using a SodaStream machine.

Water is the most natural form of hydration. It is incredibly healthy and full of nutrients such as magnesium and calcium that our bodies require to keep it balanced.

The only issue people have with water is the fact that it does not taste of anything. The tastelessness of water is the main reason why many people choose soda of juice over drinking it. Many people donÕt realise the benefits of keeping properly hydrated. A large percentage of our body is made up of water. For example our muscles are made up of 70% water.

Water can help you loose weight, make your skin healthier, help you concentrate better and make you feel more healthy. It is the best form of liquidation.

So if you want to get water that little bit tastier then choose the flavours at Flavoured water is far better for you than soda and tastes just as good if not better. The range of flavours is incredibly broad and can guarantee you will find a flavour that will get your taste buds tingling. A large assortment of calorie free flavours to flavour sparkling water for a great taste is available.