5 Gallon Water Dispenser Parts

Good health is largely dependant on clean and fresh drinking water. To make the process of obtaining fresh water hassle free, five gallon water dispensers are recognized as the best option. It gives the advantage of fresh water anytime without the botheration of lugging water bottles. 5 gallon water dispensers are available in very sleek and stylish designs.

They can even be placed on the counter top to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office. Most dispensers come with a thermostat which controls the temperature of water. The advanced models also come with child proof handles on the hot water faucet of the dispenser so that there is no fear of a child’s hand getting scalded with hot water. Five gallon water dispensers need some specialized parts for enhanced performance and these are available easily with most of the stores providing water dispensers.

Drinking water pumps, both manual and battery operated, are available for five gallon water dispensers. The complete set consists of a plastic support and a plastic cup dispenser. Then there are bottle caps which are available in various colors, shapes and models. The size, though, remains constant which is important so that the caps fit almost all water dispensers easily. The cap may be a push and pull cap, commonly called the sport cap or it may be a simple cap which can be fitted on the dispenser. These caps are made of PE materials which are considered safe and non toxic.

Five gallon water dispensers are available in various shapes and sizes but the bottles for such dispensers are usually of a standard shape and size. Bottles may come with built-in handles for better portability, installation and removal from the dispenser. Some bottles also come with spill free tops so that no water is wasted while connecting or detaching the refill bottle from the dispenser.

A wide range of five gallon water dispenser parts are on offer, manufactured by various manufacturers, providing the consumer with lots of choice without any compromise on quality or service. Home delivery of refills is a great advantage for people who don’t have the time to go to stores for their supply of drinking water.

Five gallon water dispenser parts make it very easy to obtain fresh and clean water always and there are flavor enhancers available to make the water tasty and make the simple experience of drinking water a delightful one. Using water dispensers also means that you don’t have to necessarily have plumbing done in places like offices. There is no hassle of dealing with public water supply problems.

There is no need to make any changes in the existing plumbing. It is advisable to use water dispensers made of glass though they may be heavy and fragile because the plastic water bottles, once emptied, are tossed into landfills and add to the environmental pollution.

Five gallon water dispenser parts are available for various models like table top dispenser, top loading dispenser or bottom loading dispenser. The models with water heating facility may also come with stainless steel reservoirs for storing hot water. Another convenient addition available in many dispensers is a cup holder which eliminates the need to search for cups or glasses when filling water. Some dispensers are designed to be attached to the regular water supply and come with an inbuilt filter and thus needs no constant refilling.