ada compliant bottled water coolers

American disability act allows handicapped people to get access to better facility of water. Ada complaint bottled water coolers are the best equipment or appliances that can let the disabled enjoy pure and chilled water. Ada compliant bottled water coolers are not very different from the regular filters. The size and few dimensional changes are done to make it convenient for the disabled. Launched in 1990, ada complaint bottled water coolers are not only making good business but also assuring healthy and hygienic water to its consumers. Ada makes sure that all kinds of physically challenged people get easy access to water coolers.

Water being the basic necessity everyone should have access to it. With dam, rivers and tap water along with many other natural sources contaminated hygienic and pure water needs are met by bottled water. Bottled water is used by millions across the globe. This eventually led to the development of bottled water coolers that can let you enjoy both cold and hot water. There are various designs available in water coolers with many following the American disability act. Bottled water coolers under ADA are made as per the requirement handicapped persons. The height and dimensions of water coolers are altered so that even people who cannot bend or are on wheelchairs get an easy access to the water cooler.

Ada complaint water coolers are easy to install and use. Water cooler manufactured for physically disabled is made under the rules and regulations laid down by the ADA. It makes sure the bottled water cooler is designed keeping the need of handicapped people. When buying an ada water cooler, make sure you buy it from an authorized dealer. Always check if the cooler meets the industry standard and is assembled as per the regulations of ADA. You can always reach out to ADA office with regards to any doubts and complaints. All the bottled water coolers have an inbuilt filter that can purify the water before it reaches the cup dispenser.

Ada bottled water coolers offer pure, hygienic and cold water. Handicapped people may find it hard to open the refrigerator and reach out to the water bottle. Why make them dependant when you can offer them independence with help of ada bottled water coolers. These coolers are made after careful study and research to offer the best quality and convenience to all the disabled people. ADA bottled water coolers are easy to use and low on maintenance. It is also easy on pockets and is the best water source one can ask for.

It was observed that people on wheelchairs found it hard to take water from fountains or regular coolers and thus in 1960 a wheelchair bottled water cooler was launched. Eventually several models came up in bottled water coolers to meet the needs of every physically challenged person. The invention of ada compliant bottled water coolers was welcomed by society and is a popular concept in America.

Ada complaint bottled water coolers are certainly the best appliances one can have at home or office to offer pure and cold water. If you have a disabled person in your family reach out to the nearest authorized dealer and bring home the ada complaint bottled water coolers.

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