Bottled spring water is some of the best tasting water that you will ever drink.

How do I know that – I did my own taste test. I got a bottle of spring water, mineral water, my cities tap water, and finally a bottle of just purified drinking water. You see, I don’t really trust others opinions, so I had to see for myself what product was best.

I acted like a “wine taster” – I swished the water around the glass (different glass for each one), smelled the aroma, and then did my taste test. And for me, spring water was the best. I then tasted some spring flavored waters with just “hints” of flavor – well, some of these bottlers are mixing two and sometimes three flavors together that just taste flat awful, so I quit my experiment. But, I did deduce that the flavored bottled spring waters with just a “hint” of only one flavor were not bad. One with a “hint” of orange in it was excellent.

I am sure you are asking yourself, why did she do that? Well, I have never drunk a lot of water before, and as I have grown older – I have put on a little weight. And I also know that water coupled with a healthy diet, will cause you to lose weight faster. But I hate water. Plain old H2O has no taste and is boring to drink and I can’t drink much of it without going back to my diet soda pop. But, with the new fad of all the different waters, with different flavors, and sports drinks, I thought I might find one that I would really like and would drink more of. So my taste test was to find the one I liked best. Plus, with billions of dollars being spent every year on bottled water, I figured that perhaps there was something I was missing out on or perhaps it would be a good investment for me.

So, right now I am drinking bottled spring water with just a “hint” of orange. And, since I like it, I am drinking more of it which means, I am losing weight. And I will have to admit, you can’t beat the convenience of having a bottle of water that fits in your purse so it goes everywhere with you.

While I was doing all of this, I thought of a great Christmas gift. I have several runners and joggers in my family, so I thought that a basket of different types of waters, some flavored, and some not, would be a great Christmas gift. So, I have already started my Christmas shopping. This goes to show you, that you can be doing one thing and come up with another great idea. But I am certain there are places online that have already come up with the idea before me.

So, for me its orange flavored bottled spring water for the rest of the summer. And after doing a little more research, I am going to start thinking about my Christmas shopping early.