bottled water cooler accessories

bottled water coolers have become a part of several homes across the globe. This easy to use appliance helps you get both hygienic and chilled water within seconds. Due to the increasing demand of coolers there are bottled water cooler accessories that have come up that not only allow you to take good care of the product but also lets you replace it with attractive and easy to use stuff. Right from sanitizers to cup dispensers you shall find several things to use for your bottled water cooler. Did you know there are several designs in water cooler covers that help you blend it well with your d├ęcor? Bottled water cooler accessories are just cool!

Looking at the popularity of bottled water coolers several manufacturers came up with accessories that can add a spark to it. Taking care of customer needs a cup dispenser was designed that allows you to use any size of cup to take your share of water. This dispenser is ideal for office use but can also be taken for home use. It can hold up to 100 cups of water in one go and thus is very convenient to use. Get as much clean and chilled water in just a second. One can certainly benefit from these accessories. Cup dispenser is attached on the side of cooler and does not spoil the look.

Bottled water cooler covers are very popular among the masses. They not only cover the bottle but also add a decent look to it. There are several designs that come in bottled water cooler covers and one can always change it depending upon the theme that you follow for your furnishings. Fruit basket, aquarium, free designs, plain covers just to name a few. You can actually keep changing them every fortnight to suit your moods; your neighbors are going to be envious of you. These water cooler covers are fabulous and loved accessories people get for their coolers. Be it at office or work add a different look to it by choosing the right cover.

Sanitizers are certainly important to keep harmful viruses, germs, bacteria and dust away from your water cooler. Clean your bottled water coolers with sanitizers to keep your water away from contaminants. This is one of the most essential accessories you must have when owing a bottled water cooler. However, there is way to follow the use of sanitizers on coolers. You need to shut the supply of water during the cleaning process. Empty your cooler tank before using the sanitizer. Always refer to your manual when using the sanitizer on coolers.

Other bottled water cooler accessories include cups in various size and shapes, papers cone cups being the most affordable, hot and cold drinking cups, recycle bins and water bottles. Bottled water cooler accessories are easily available at the dealers or you can always order them over the internet. They are easy on pockets and certainly a trendy way to get pure, hygienic and cool water.

So, what are you waiting for if you still have not done a make over of your water cooler fetch your favorite bottled water cooler accessories now and add your kind of look to it.

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