poland spring bottled water

Poland spring bottled water is a brand of Nestle that reaches large number of people and offers healthy and clean water. Founded by Mr. Hiram Ricker in 1845 Poland spring bottled water is generated from the state of Maine and includes many other spots as well. Spring water is known to be very clean and healing. This non polluted water can also cure some of your diseases. Poland spring bottled water is full of essential and healthy minerals that benefit the body. Discovered in the 19th Century, Poland spring bottled water has now become a part of many lives.

During the 19th century, Hiram Ricker drank spring water and got impressed with the effect it had on him. Spring water can actually work as an effective ingredient to cure your body. Human body does require essential minerals that are found in spring water. After Hiram discovered the taste of spring water, he soon began bottling it and got into business. Since its establishment Poland spring bottled water has come a long way and continues to do good business. The highest sale of mineral water is credited to none other than Poland spring water. Today they sell spring water in 20, 12 and 8 oz bottles.

Poland spring bottled water also has large containers of water essential for office and residential use. For economic reasons Poland sells water in plastic bottles. However, they make sure to use lighter plastic called Eco- Shape as it contains less percentage of plastic. Other products from Poland spring bottled water include, lemon lime, sparkling and distilled. Although these products did not impress much, bottled water managed to win many customers. Thousands of gallons of water is sold by Poland and the demand still seems to be rising.

Poland spring bottled water is naturally clean and tasty and offers essential minerals. Water is vital in every aspect of life. Drinking enough water not only keeps you hydrated but also detoxifies your system. It is free from virus, bacteria and other harmful micro organisms or organic waste and thus keeps you away from any kind of water borne diseases. There are several brands selling bottled water and Poland spring bottled water continues to be one well known and reliable name in this crowd.

Poland spring bottled water is packed directly from nature and does not contain any added flavors or ingredients. It is affordable and easy on the pockets. When purchasing the bottle always make sure the seal is in place. In case of a tampered seal, do not buy the bottle as it may be refilled with normal tap water.

Poland spring bottled water is easily available in the market and you may also choose to get it home delivered provided the service is available in your area. Be it huge bottles or normal size ones you can simply dial the customer care number and get your water delivered at home. Poland spring water is 100 times better than any other ordinary water. Normal or tap water can be full of contaminants that are not seen by the naked eye and thus one can’t be sure if the water is worth drinking.

Drink Poland spring bottled water and experience freshness and taste like never before.

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