This article will try to give you an overview of the bottled drinking waters on the market and which is best.

It is suggested to compare your needs with the method used to purify the water.

Water is one compound which has neither taste nor nutritional value. Any taste or especially any health claims from any kind of water, is just the marketing used from brand to brand. Many claims have been made for additives, but the only affect they have is sometimes on taste.

The non-water ingredients can be important, though, since distilled water has no taste. Adding minerals can improve the taste.

There are waters of all types found at the stores. They range from artesian water to mineral waters to plain bottled tap water. There are also distilled water, waters from springs, sparkling waters and just plain purified water.

Examine the reason you are buying bottled water. Is it because only of the tastes? Is it to have safe water for your family to drink? Or is it because you believe spa water is healthier for you and your family?

It really only depends on what you like. For example, if it is bubbles that you like, you should look for a good sparkling water. Or if it is the taste that you like, mineral water is what you should be looking for.

Look for the artesian waters which have no pollution. Surface sources of waters tend to be easily contaminated with pollution run-off. Artesian waters are underground lakes, and are isolated from contamination. Artesian waters will have a taste that is more pleasing to drink.

Some mineral waters seem slightly stronger taste. There is no taste in distilled water. Spring waters may vary. And a good general rule is to make your last choice surface waters. They are the water sources most likely to have the biggest potential of contamination from rain run off, and soil contamination.

There is no water that is a magic fountain of health. If you believe that a certain brand or type of water is healthier for you, then you may be wasting your money.

Some people believe that you should make your own “bottled” water at home. Why? Because purchased bottled waters sometimes sit in storage for months. Since few bottled have chlorine present, bacteria can grow the longer the bottles are just sitting around. And if exposed to any sunlight, then algae and other organisms can grow. There is also less regulations and testing of water bottlers than municipal tap water.

If you really want to feel safe with the water you drink, then an at home purification system may be the solution for you. They range from many brands for either your faucet or refrigerator, as well as brands that fit underneath the sink. You can then produce water and fill your own clean bottles. That may be the only way to be sure that you are getting clean, pure “best” bottled water.