What is the best bottle water?

Actually it is very hard to name a best bottled water, and perhaps this information can help you better understand why.

Individual Americans drink about an average of 23 gallons of bottled water a year. That comes out to around a total of $11 billion of bottled waters. (Wow, I am in the wrong business.) And, Americans could be drinking more bottled water than municipal/tap water within a few years. Now that is a lot of money being spent on bottled water considering that municipal water cost very little and I wonder why.

Some people say that they just don’t trust their local municipal water to be safe or they just don’t like the taste. When my son was a baby and we would visit my mother, he always got sick from the change in the two different cities’ water supplies, so we would use bottled water for those trips to grandma’s house.

The FDA has standards that define the types of bottled water. Bottled water may be labeled as just only bottled water or drinking water, or one of the below listed terms can be added.

“Spring Water” – This is water from a source underground which flows to the surface. My grandfather had a spring on his farm and spring water taste really great. This water has to be collected only at the spring. It must have the same properties after treating as before.

“Purified Water” – Water that has been purified by any of a number of ways can be labeled as “purified drinking water”. The method of purification can also be added on the label.

“Mineral Water” — Water having no less than 250 ppm (parts per millions) dissolved solids may be labeled mineral water. The minerals already there give this water a unique taste.

“Sparkling Bottled Water” – Water that has been treated and has naturally, or added to it, carbon dioxide (CO2) to add a fizz and bubbles. Seltzer water and club soda aren’t sparkling waters – they are considered soft drinks and can contain added sugar or salt.

Sparkling bottled water is also one of the waters that you can add flavor to, which can make a person drink more of it. A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at https://allfreightfree.com

“Well Water” – water from a well – that’s easy!

So, there are different bottled waters. But what does “best” mean? Well, obviously best bottle water is in the opinion of the consumer. Personally, my best bottled water is from the spring at my grandpa’s land in Pennsylvania and no one can convince me otherwise. With all the money this industry is making, I am thinking of selling it. I could call it “Grandpa’s Pure Spring Water”.