Everyone should drink healthy.

Healthy drinking leads to healthy living. The increased drinking of soda pop is believed by many as the reason for the epidemic of obesity in the US today. The lifestyle changes to combat obesity need to be started in childhood.

Children who drink a lot of soda pop have a lower intake of calcium. This lack of enough calcium in your children’s diet can cause a reduction of bone mass leading to more broken bones. This can also possibly lead to a condition called osteoporosis later in life.

There are many ways to start your family on the road to drinking healthy. Make sure that all the children (and adults) in your family understand the danger of too much sugar in their diets. And as a parent you need to be sure to make many healthy drink choices available to your family.

There are many ways to help your children like the idea of drinking more water as all parents know how hard it is to get your kids to drink water. Here are just a few:

1. Have flavored sparkling water as an option to plain water. A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at https://allfreightfree.com

2. Put pieces of fresh fruit in their water. The water will absorb the flavor of the fruit to give it a better taste.

3. Keep water bottles when you are traveling in the car and put a bottle of water in their schoolbook bags.

4. Since school is starting, get each of your kids a reusable water bottle. There are many on the market in different colors, sizes and shapes.

100% fruit juice is good also as it has no sugar added. Fruit juice also is full of vitamins. With fruit juice you will need to remember that a juice box is 8 oz. and a serving of juice is only 4 oz. Fruit juices should be limited to 4 to 8 oz per day so if you have a large bottle of fruit juice or bottles that have over 8 oz., you can dilute it with water.

Vegetable juice is another good choice that has lots of vitamins and other nutrients. There is very little sugar; in fact most of these are only around 50 calories per serving. Vegetable juice also has betweeSn 2 to 4 grams of fiber per serving.

Some bottles of different teas are unsweetened, and iced tea is another option as well as herb tea. Unsweetened, they are very low calorie and some herb teas are very good for your health. You can always add some honey if you need to sweeten the tea.
These are just a few ways to make sure you and your family drink healthy. And perhaps you can prevent your children from becoming overweight or obese which leads to a lifetime of other problems.