is drinking water that comes from an underground water source which flows from an aquifer to the ground. Water coming from an artesian spring is called artesian spring water. When artesian water comes from the ground it forms into a pool or can flow down a hill in streams.
Minerals often become dissolved in some spring water, because of moving thru the rocks underground. The water will have a good or different flavor and can also contain carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles. This bottled water is often referred to and marketed as mineral water. Spring with dissolved sodium salts (ex: sodium carbonate) also has a different taste due to the minerals. These are often referred to “soda springs”. There are resorts all over the world known as spa towns and people come to soak in these mineral spring water.
Streams that flow from spring to a spring branch are very cool and spring water is some of the best water you can buy. I discovered this by doing a taste test for myself and of all the waters I tasted, I am absolutely in love with spring water.

My grandpa in Pennsylvania has a nature spring on his property and that is where I also discovered the clean pure taste of this water. As a child while playing in the woods during my summer vacations there, I would drink this water directly from the spring – and it was cold and tasted so good. (Plus I didn’t have to go inside to get a drink so my mother couldn’t question me about where I had been and what I was doing).

I never believed that drinking waters had different tastes until I did my own “taste test” and you can do one also. Go to the store and buy small bottles of each of the different waters on the market. If your eyes are really good, the label will tell you where the water comes from – well water, spring water, purified water and many others. Also fill an empty bottle with municipal water from your own water faucet (just to be fair). Chill them overnight and the next day, hold a taste test for your family – and see which drinking water everyone in the family selects. I bet they will love one of the brands of spring water, bottled at the source. If your kids like it, they will drink more of it and water is the very best drink that you can offer them.

But, in my mind, no drinking water will ever be as good as my grandpa’s spring – perhaps I should bottle it and sell it. Genuine spring water bottled at the source, “Grandpa’s Spring Water”. So if you see that brand on the market some day – remember that you read it first here.