All about ozone water purification systems

There is no doubt that ozone water purification systems are a big help today in the light of the fact that most of the world’s water supply is contaminated. One of the most efficient ways to purify water in your home is to install an ozone water purification system. The different methods of purifying water is by water softening, ultraviolet light, deionization, reverse osmosis, filtration, stripping of molecules, carbon treatment etc. There are plenty of systems available with different models of water purifiers that are portable, counter and table top models, faucet mounted and pitcher-based units etc.

The ozone water purification system is one of the best ways to purify water. There are plenty of chemicals, contaminants and toxic material in water and therefore it is important that you install a good water purification system in your home. This will definitely help to eliminate the dangerous elements in the water that threaten your security, health and also the scent, taste and purity of the water.

This water purification by ozone is most effective. This is due to the fact that ozone kills and destroys almost 99 percent of the bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Ozone water purification systems are therefore used by most municipal water treatment centers and most bottled water companies. It is a fact that ozone is more effective than chlorine in killing the germs, bacteria and viruses in the water. It is also one of the world’s most effective sterilizing agents.

Ozone is said to be able to destroy anthrax spores that are not destroyed by chlorination. It also acts 3000 times quicker than chlorine thus purifies water better than chlorine. Remember, a water filter is not actually a water purifier. This is because it does not kill bacteria. A water purifier on the other hand completely destroys the deadly contaminants – both biological and physical in the water. Thus it is worthwhile to install an ozone water purifier in your home as it ensures pure and great tasting water for drinking and cooking etc.

Another reason for installing ozone water purification systems is that ozone is 100% oxygen and does not remain back in the water. Ozone is created by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and by lightening during an electrical storm. It is made up of three atoms of pure oxygen. Out of these three atoms one is the weakest and attaches itself to the microorganisms, bacteria, virus etc thus oxidizing them or causing them to change into something else.

Ozone water purification systems create the ozone atoms in a chamber of ultraviolet light. Compressed air is forced into this special chamber changing a part of the oxygen into ozone. This is passed into a diffuser which creates ozone bubbles. When water is then mixed with these ozone bubbles and sent into the water purifier, the weaker oxygen molecule attaches to dangerous and harmful molecules and cleans them through the process of oxidation. This is how you get safe, clean and pure drinking water from ozone water purification systems.