Handy portable water purification systems

Portable water purification systems are handy and convenient travel accessories that are most ideal and efficient. These are the best way to ensure that you are drinking safe and pure water while you are out camping in the wild or even at home. These water purifiers also ensure clean drinking water at home and the water can be used in food preparation and even baby formula.

The US EPA state that 90 percent of the world’s water supply is contaminated. This is disconcerting as one is never actually sure whether the water supply to your house is actually pure and safe or not. Installing a water purifier therefore is necessary and cuts out all stress and risks. Unwanted chemicals and other contaminants like bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms are present in water and while boiling can kill the biological contaminants like microorganisms it does not remove the chemicals. Therefore it is important to install a water purification system that takes care of both chemical and biological contaminants in the water and supplies you with safe, pure and clean water at all times.

Portable water purification systems can be carried to anyplace where you cannot be sure of the purity of the water supply. Nonchemical and chemical portable travel water purifiers are available in the market. These are of different kinds:

1. Iodine purifiers: These are the chemical variety and are very effective. They are light sensitive and need to be kept in dark containers. People who are allergic to iodine, shellfish etc do not use this type of water purifier for obvious reasons.
2. Chlorine purifiers: These purifiers are an effective alternative for people who cannot use iodine purifiers. The chlorine is added to the water and is allowed to settle while it cleans the water.
3. Non-chemical purifiers: These are of different varieties. Some have a special type of filtration system while others use the ultraviolet light process to purify the water.

It is essential to know certain facts about portable water purification systems before you buy a particular unit. A water filter is not basically a water purifier because it will only remove suspended particulate matter (SPM) from the water depending on the size of the filter and the particles, but they do not destroy or kill microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Neither do they remove chemicals from the water. A water purifier on the other hand will do both the jobs – remove chemicals as well as destroy biological contaminants.

Another important factor regarding ideal portable water purification systems is to know that there are many models in the market today that have similar names, but do not have the same functions. For example some will remove pesticides, herbicides, lead particles; suspended particles etc and some of them do not. A lightweight and compact water purification system is ideal for travelling or camping out of doors. Reading customer reviews about various models will help you make up your mind about a particular model, its working, flaws and whether it meets the EPA standards etc.