Why you should buy an everpure hot and cold water dispenser

There are many reasons why you should buy an everpure hot and cold water dispenser. These dispensers are efficient and handy appliances to have in your kitchen because of the numerous advantages they offer. The best one being – instant hot and cold water whenever you need it! These days hot and cold water dispensers are being considered a necessity rather than a luxury. It is very easy to see why one can easily get addicted to this marvel in no time at all.

If your house has elderly people or young children in it, you will appreciate having an Everpure hot and cold water dispenser because of the instant availability of either hot or chilled water for soups, tea, coffee, sauces, noodles, pasta etc. The Everpure dispenser is able to dispense luxurious chilled or heated pure water for almost every need in the house. The Everpure all new Commercial Grade Instant hot water dispenser model CGHE-1 and the Commercial Grade Waer Chiller Model CDCL-1 are extremely popular.

The Everpure models are best used along with the Everpure water filtration systems. With this you can be sure of having ready hot water for soups and tea and icy cold water for lemonade and mixed drinks etc. You have to admit that this is a boon when it comes to entertaining. The models can be installed discreetly under any type of kitchen sink and provides near boiling water on demand. The beauty of the Everpure hot and cold water dispenser is that it is compact and not bulky and offers a fantastic capacity of around 60 cups of water every hour at 190F.

The unit has a 5’8 gallon insulated stainless steel tank that keeps it maintenance free and energy efficient. The thermostat is a feature that allows you to set the water temperature to a desired level and a thermal fuse that is self resetting guarantees that there will be no accidental dry-starts. The filtration water system makes the water ideal for coffee, tea, hot beverages and soups etc.

The Everpure Commercial Grade Water Chiller is a commercial unit that is able to dispense up to 1.3 gallons of chilled/icy cold water every hour. This unit is easy to place in any wet bar or kitchen. The best feature of this unit is the maintenance-free, hermetically sealed, and whisper quiet compressor that uses HFC-134a refrigerant that is ozone-friendly. The unit has a 0.7 gallon tank that is internal. Another attractive feature is that it does not consume much electricity (only 175 watts) yet has a huge chilling power.

The Everpure hot and cold water dispenser is only one of the many products manufactured by Everpure who has been manufacturing and providing water treatment services and solutions throughout the world. Buying the Everpure hot and cold water dispenser will only help in time management and ensuring the safety and health of your family.