Yearly operating cost of instant hot water dispenser

Once you consider the yearly operating cost of instant hot water dispenser you will be able to decide if it is worth having such an appliance installed in the house. The advantages of having an instant hot water dispenser are many. Normal hot water from taps are around 120F whereas hot water dispensers dispense water at 190F, which is ideal for making tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, noodles, pasta, soups, sauces and even baby formula.

If you are planning on redesigning your kitchen then you should consider buying an instant hot water dispenser. Moreover, if you are always in a hurry because of the busy schedule you keep and do not have the patience to wait for the kettle to boil and above all are conscientious about energy efficiency, then an instant hot water dispenser is just the item for you.

An instant hot water dispenser is a sure method of reducing your carbon footprint and reducing electricity, energy and water wastage. As you know, one’s bathroom and kitchen are the two places in the house where water is used most, thus they are the best places to start reducing emissions of carbon. Since the instant hot water dispenser heats just the water you need it uses little energy. Therefore they cost only a few pennies per day to function and also use much less energy than a light bulb of 40watts.

The installation of an instant hot water dispenser is very simple especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer and it is cheaper than an under-counter or tank-less water heater. You can save almost 3000 gallons of water a year, as you do not have to wait for hot water if you set the timer to your morning shower times. This is of course if you use the dispenser in the bathroom and connect it to the main water supply.

Instant hot water dispensers are a very handy kitchen appliance that can produce up to almost 100 cups of hot water and cost anything from $100 to $400. Using a hot water dispenser will definitely reduce the amount of electricity usage in your home. These instant hot water dispensers heat up filtered water very quickly and save you a lot of time and energy. They dispense water according to your need thus there is no wastage of water as in the case of kettles. In the case of kettles, we tend to over fill them and throw out the remaining hot water before refilling them for a second time. This results in wastage of water and electricity.

It is easy to calculate the yearly operating cost of instant hot water dispenser if you take into consideration the added advantage that instant hot water dispensers have of having no calcium build up or lime scale as in the case of kettles. This can cause the kettle to stop functioning and the water takes longer to heat up. This problem further results in increase in electricity bills and energy waste. Instant hot water dispensers can save you almost 50 percent of energy as compared to the standard kettle.

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