16 oz water bottle dispenser for refrigerator

One of the popular buys today is the 16 oz water bottle dispenser for refrigerator. This feature is popular because of the ease and convenience it offers the user. Refrigerator water dispensers are the rage today because of the handy availability of water and ice cubes whenever needed. If you are an elderly person you are sure to find these water dispensers a great boon, as you would not have to go all the way to the store for some bagged ice. If you entertain regularly there is nothing as handy as having an ice dispenser at home.

Though there are many advantages to having a water bottle dispenser for refrigerator there could be a few problems that may crop up. For example not all refrigerators have water dispensers for water bottles that are of the larger size. Most dispensers are designed for the standard glass of water. But there are many refrigerator companies that have started manufacturing water dispensers for 16 oz water bottles, large pitchers, and even coffee pots etc. These dispensers are really handy and convenient. Nothing beats reaching out for a cool bottle of your favorite kind whenever you want it.

If you are keen on buying one of the refrigerators with water bottle dispensers it is essential to know a few things about it. There are some common problems that can crop up once in a while. These are leaks and dripping, stoppage of water or ice being dispensed, etc. Most times these problems can be fixed with a little common sense and a bit of handy work. If you have not been using your refrigerator with water dispenser for some time because you have been away on vacation, you may come back and find that the water is not being dispensed. This could be due to a frozen water line. This could easily happen because of non usage and because you turned down the heating while you were away.

The thing to do is to check out the water lines at the back of the refrigerator and try to locate the ice block. Turn off the refrigerator and use a hair dryer on that area for around 30 minutes. The ice block should melt and once you turn your water dispenser on, you should get water. Another common problem could be that you water valve could be faulty. In this case you should change it. If you are living in an area of hard water, calcium sediment may cause plenty of blockages in the water lines and in the valve. You should clean out the water tubes and the valve thoroughly. The water and ice should dispense well after that.

Having a 16 oz water bottle dispenser for refrigerator is very handy. Most aerated drinks and even other types of bottled water like mineral water, sparkling water, spring water etc can be available in that size and therefore you can have them whenever you need to