How refrigerator water dispensers work

Most people are confused about how refrigerator water dispensers work and how they have to deal with the problems that sometimes crop up. Many refrigerators today usually have ice and water dispensers on their doors or on the front of their freezers. They generally have a small water and ice collection tray at the bottom for overflow and small spills. There are also selector switches for the easy and convenient selection of water and ice types. The inserted glass depresses the paddle control automatically and when you have the desired amount of water you can release the lever.

It is therefore easy to see that the water or ice is dispensed by pressing the paddle control lever which in turn activates the switch in the door of the refrigerator. The switch turns on a small valve that is situated at the back of the refrigerator. Tubes are connected to the water valve and the water supply. This is how water is supplied to the refrigerator. This water is stored in a container to get cooled and later dispensed when needed. This ensures a constant and ready supply of chilled water or ice cubes whenever needed.

If you are planning on buying a refrigerator water dispenser then you should make sure that there is an existing supply of water in your home with a brass shut-off valve so that your refrigerator can be hooked up to it. This will mean that you can have a convenient flow of water as and when needed. Older people who are not very fit physically find it a great boon to have a refrigerator water dispenser so that they can have ice cubes whenever they desire without having to go to a nearby store for some bagged ice. This feature is a great advantage if you are the type of person who entertains frequently.

Though there are some problems that crop up sometimes with water dispensers it is important to know how to deal with them and what repairs are needed. If you find some water at the bottom of your refrigerator then it could mean a frozen line. A hair dryer can be very handy here as well as a soft and very flexible wire to push the blockage of ice through.

It is essential to know how refrigerator water dispensers work. If you find your water dispenser has stopped working it could be that the water valve is either faulty or there could be an electrical problem. To check the valve you should pull the water line off the water valve that feeds the food sector reservoir. Then you should see if the water is being dispensed. The water valve is fine if the water flows out of the valve. The water and ice water dispenser is complex. Many components work simultaneously to get you the cold water and ice cubes. Sometimes leaky water tubes and blocked ice chutes can be the problem.