How to deal with a musty water dispenser in refrigerator

There are ways to deal with certain problems like a musty water dispenser in refrigerator, slow flow in dispenser etc. Refrigerator water dispensers are very popular with many people because of the convenience and ease it offers you. Those who are in the habit of entertaining regularly, find this feature a great boon and advantage as there is plenty of chilled water and ice cubes on hand. Elderly people also find water and ice dispensers handy as they do not have to travel to stores for bagged ice anymore.

Even though the advantages of refrigerator water dispensers are many one cannot rule out the fact that sometimes there are certain problems that crop up like slow flow or water stoppage, electrical problems or faulty valve etc. Many are very good and hardly have any problems at all. Once in a while the water from the dispenser could start to flow slowly or trickle and the water could taste a little musty. There are simple steps you could take to solve this problem.

An easy and quick cleaning of the water dispenser is generally all it takes to fix the musty water dispenser in refrigerator problem. It is advisable not to use any harsh and strong chemicals to do this cleaning because they could end up being ingested by you. Instead you could use a little vinegar. The vinegar is known to kill germs that breed and grow in the water tubing and also cleans any buildup that affects the taste of the water and the function of the water dispenser in the refrigerator.

Make sure you have the following:
* Some vinegar
* A toothbrush
* A small funnel
* A bottle brush
* Duct tape
The first thing you have to do is to turn off the valve that supplies the water to the dispenser. Then you have to take out the tube by loosening the screw that holds the copper tubing. Pour around three cups of the vinegar into the tube and let it drain into the reservoir. You can fasten the tube to the refrigerator back with the tape so that the vinegar continues to drain. Make sure your ice cube tray is empty and press the lever so that the vinegar runs through the whole system and cleans the ice maker. Do the same with the water dispensing system so that all the tubing and fixtures inside are cleaned by the vinegar. Clean the spout and the reservoir using the bottle brush and toothbrush. Once you have done this you can replace the tubing by tightening the screw and turn the water valve on. Keep the ice maker on and run water through the entire system. Do this several times and throw out the first batch of ice cubes till the vinegar taste is flushed out completely. You will have gotten rid of the musty smell compeletely.