Kenmore refrigerator 22 cu ft water dispenser inside door

If you are thinking of purchasing a Kenmore refrigerator 22 cu ft water dispenser inside door appliance, then you have made a good choice. Today, refrigerator water dispensers are getting to be extremely popular because of the wonderful convenience and ease it offers. Refrigerator water dispensers inside the fridge door are a great boon to those who regularly entertain and are in need of ice cubes and chilled water. Elderly people also love this feature as they do not have to go all the way to the store for some bagged ice.

There are many advantages of having a Kenmore refrigerator 22 cu ft water dispenser that is placed in the fridge door. For one, the fridge door remains closed most of the time as one does not have to open it for cold water or ice cubes. This in turn helps to reduce your energy costs. Secondly, not only does the sleek design look attractive and gives your kitchen a terrific boost, but it is so convenient even for children who do not have to open the fridge door for water.

Though the convenience of the water dispenser does outweigh the cost factors (as refrigerators with this feature do cost more) it is also important to know how to handle small problems that can crop up from time to time. The most common problems that are found with refrigerator water dispensers are water leaks and puddles on the floor, dripping, frozen lines and faulty valves. If the problem is not too severe you do not have to call in a repairman and spend a lot of extra money. Instead you can use common sense to fix the problems.

The first step would be to locate and pinpoint the problem. If it is a frozen line, which normally happens if your heating is turned down low and you have been away for a while, check out the water tubes at the back of the refrigerator. Disconnect the water tubing from the dispenser and try to see if the water flows from the water supply through the valve and into the tube. In this way you will know whether the tube is blocked or whether the valve is faulty. A faulty valve needs to be replaced. If there is an ice block in the water line then you could use a hair dryer on that area for 20 to 30 minutes. The water should dispense after that.

The Kenmore refrigerator 22 cu ft water dispenser inside door will no doubt lessen your space inside the refrigerator, but the ease and convenience of getting chilled water whenever desired makes up for this. Sometimes if you are living in an area with hard water supply, calcium sediments will block the water lines and choke the valve.