Refrigerator with water dispenser how does it work

Some people are confused as to their refrigerator with water dispenser how does it work and what they need to know regarding repairs. Many refrigerators usually have an ice and water dispenser that is located on the front of the refrigerator freezer. A small ice and water collection tray for small spills and overflow is usually at the bottom. The unit has two paddle controls that are glass sized for water and for ice. Selector switches are also featured by most units for selection of ice types and water. To dispense water one has to simply insert your glass which automatically depresses the paddle control. When you have the amount of water you desire, release the lever.

As you can see, the water is dispensed by depressing the small paddle control. This lever actually activates a switch in the refrigerator door. The switch in turn turns a small valve on which is located at the back or rear of the refrigerator. There are tubes that are connected to the valve which are connected to the water supply. Water flows through these tubes through the said control valve and then to the refrigerator. The water is held in a container where it gets cooled and ready to be dispensed as and when needed. In this way, you can have a ready and constant amount of water.

Many refrigerators have features whereby both ice and water are dispensed through the door. For this there should be an existing water supply/line in your house with a shut-off valve (brass) so that you can hook up your refrigerator to it and have a convenient flow of water to it whenever you need it. Older citizens usually find it easier and more convenient to have water or ice dispensed through the door as they do not have to go out to the store for bagged ice. This way the ice and water are both available at all times.

There are times when there are certain problems that crop up with the refrigerator water dispensers. For example the pressure for the water will seem low and then the water can completely stop. If you are still getting water to your icemaker and that seems to work fine then it is likely that the valve for the water inlet has failed or has some kind of a problem. It has been found that fabricating a cardboard double layered cover for the freezer, helps and gets the dispenser to start working in about 60 minutes or less. In this way, there is no need to remove the freezer door, check the inlet valve or even disconnect the water line.
If you are still wondering about your refrigerator with water dispenser how does it work and what you should do if repairs are needed, the tips given herewith will help you. If you have found water at the bottom of your refrigerator door then the reason could be a frozen line. The use of a hair dryer and a very soft and flexible wire to push the ice through would help.