Samsung refrigerator water dispenser slow flow

If you are facing a Samsung refrigerator water dispenser slow flow problem then it is wise to find all the information you can regarding troubleshooting your water dispenser. Refrigerator water dispensers are getting to be so popular because of the convenience and ease it offers. Cold water and ice cubes can be dispensed whenever required. This has been a boon to people who entertain a lot and have a need of quick supply of ice cubes as well as elderly people who do not like going all the way to a store for bagged ice.

There are many advantages of having a refrigerator water dispenser whether it is on the door of the fridge or one of the side by side versions. But it is also true that there are some problems that can crop up that can be frustrating. One of the most common problems is either the water has stopped dispensing or the flow is slow. Sometimes there is a water leak or dripping problem. Whatever the problem, it is a good idea to pinpoint it so that it can be fixed easily.

If your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser has a slow flow, the reason could be that the water lines are freezing up or there is already an ice block that as formed in the water lines that are connected to the valve. There could also be a problem with the valve itself. It is also important to check out the water supply to your refrigerator water dispenser. It is found that if your water is hard then there could be a build up of calcium that will obviously slow down the flow of cooled water and also cause the actual cooling process to take longer than usual.

What you have to do is make sure that your water supply is good and well fitted. First you would have to turn off the water connection at the tap valve. Disconnect the water line behind the fridge and place this disconnected tube end in an empty bucket. Open the valve and check the rate of water output. The water should flow strongly. If it does not, then the tap valve is blocked with sediment and in the case of hard water – calcium. Once you have cleared the blockage, you should reconnect the supply line and turn the water on. Next you have to disconnect the tube from the valve’s water dispenser side and connect a tube with its end in an empty bucket. Activate the dispenser and check the water outflow from the tube. This way you will know if the valve has to be replaced or not.
Carrying out the above mentioned flow tests for your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser slow flow problems is recommended. The problem can be anything from a blocked frozen water line to a faulty valve or bad water supply.