DuPont Replacement Water Filters

DuPont is a brand which is renowned for producing world class consumer products including water filters. The complete range of products is developed with the latest technology and brings you the purest and freshest water just at the turn of a tap. DuPont water filters are available in all Wal-Mart stores and also online. The faucet mount filters, water pitcher filters, refrigerator filters, whole house filters and shower filters are all easy to install and use. The filter systems need a replacement of filters at regular intervals to continue filtering water with the same capacity for the life of the filter.

DuPont replacement water filters come with four stage protection and filtration. This improves taste and quality of water to a great extent. Easy filter replacement is enhanced by the color coding visible on all filters and replacement filters packaging. The warranty is limited to sixty days, though. DuPont replacement filters are also not as easily available as the Brita or Pur filters. The filter unit contains many filter media which are tested and certified to give the cleanest water for drinking and cooking purposes. There is actually no need to search in stores for DuPont replacement water filters as they are available online.

DuPont replacement water filters make it easy to filter your own water instead of wasting money on bottled water. It also makes to sense to not toss around empty plastic bottles and add to the damage done to the environment. The filter media in DuPont replacement water filters contain activated carbon which removes chlorine and improves the taste of water. Different filters remove different kind of contaminants and proper research should be done before buying the right filter. A water test kit is easily available and one test is enough to find out the types and quantities of pollutants in water.

DuPont replacement water filters are available online at competitive prices and come with all the fittings and instructions needed for easy replacement. The faucet mount replacement filters fit all standard faucets. They are tested to remove 99% microbial cysts. They also come in designer finishes and add to the aesthetics of any kitchen. There is an electronic panel which displays the number of gallons of water filtered and also indicates when the filter needs to be replaced.

One DuPont replacement water filter can be used to filter about two hundred gallons of water. It also comes with Microban, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria within the filter. DuPont replacement water filters for refrigerators fit most brands of refrigerators, are easy to install and last up to six months without any complains. Every new DuPont replacement water filter must be first flushed to remove the minute carbon particles as instructed on the packaging.

DuPont water filters come with the Gold Seal by Water Quality Association. All DuPont replacement water filters are color coded to allow easy matching of replacement cartridge with the water filter. The replacement water filters are not recyclable but using a water filter means less plastic dumped in landfills. Dupont replacement water filters are compatible with major brands of filter systems.