Omni countertop water filter with replacement

Water coming out of any tap in our home cannot be considered safe for drinking unless it is properly filtered because of the dubious quality of water that comes from municipal supply taps. There are all sorts of contaminants in supply pipes which may get dissolved in water even after it is treated at the water plant. A water test can determine the kind of filter needed for any household. Omni countertop water filters give you safe and fresh tasting water any time of the day. All that is needed is to keep a steady stock of replacement filters handy to keep the Omni countertop water filter cleaning water effectively.

Countertop water filters may work on different kinds of filtration technologies, like reverse osmosis, distillation, ultra violet light and ceramic or carbon filters. Out of these, carbon filters are the most popular. Omni countertop water filters with replacement are easy to install, durable and low cost. The added advantage is that these filters are portable. They remove micro organisms like viruses, cysts, bacteria and germs like e.coli, giardia and chemicals like asbestos, lead, mercury, germicides and pesticides. These substances in water can cause severe gastro intestinal disorders and are carcinogenic also. Instead of spending money on bottled water, it makes sense to install Omni countertop water filter with replacement and save money as well as the ecosystem from all the plastic bottles which cannot even be recycled.

Omni countertop water filters with replacement are designed to fit most of the plumbing fixtures. They are affordable and easy to use. Even a child can pour and drink a glass of water without his parents worrying about the safety of water if it is from an Omni countertop water filter. There is no need to make any changes in the existing plumbing to install an Omni countertop filter. It filters water for you without any hassles or extra expenses. Installation takes only a few minutes and filtered water flows via a dedicated faucet, leaving your sink faucet free for your other chores.

The filter cartridges get clogged with impurities over a period of time and the filter may become ineffective. So it is important to replace cartridges at recommended intervals which might vary from three to six months depending on the water quality and usage. Replacement cartridges for Omni countertop water filters are easy to locate by matching the part number of the filter with the cartridge. These filters are manufactured according to the parameters recognized by EPA. Omni comes with the entire range of water filters like whole house water filters, shower filters, under sink filters, faucet filters and also counter top filters. All these filters contain activated carbon filed cartridges which need to be replaced periodically to keep the quality of filtered water to its freshest.

Omni is a trusted brand which has been making water filters for around twenty years. Omni countertop water filter with replacement is well known and easily available at most of the home improvement stores all over the country. It is easy to find them online and compare them with other brands for complete satisfaction. These filters can even be purchased online. Omni countertop water filter with replacement are easy to maintain, requiring the filter cartridge to be replaced once every six months. Replacement is an easy task that involves no mess and no professional help.