Water filter replacement

Water from regular supply may contain contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, lead and nitrates. These can cause serious health problems and can damage immune systems. This makes it imperative that a dedicated water filtration system should be installed in each household to ensure that water consumed by all family members is clean and safe.

There is a huge range of water filters available in the market for this purpose. There are various models available to suit every budget and space constraint. The only maintenance required is water filter replacement which is a relatively inexpensive project and can be undertaken without any help from professionals.

The various versions of water filters available in the market may be whole house water filters, shower filters, counter top water filters, under sink water filters or refrigerator filters. Refrigerator filters are also called ice maker filters. Counter top water filters are used in apartments which do not have a faucet hole available for installing filters under the sink or for temporary installations such as a vacation cabin. Counter top water filters come with a diverter valve. This valve replaces the standard aerator of a regular kitchen faucet. There is a knob on the diverter valve which needs to be pulled to send the water through the filter for drinking. Water flows to the sink when the knob is released.

Water filters may work on carbon block filtration method or reverse osmosis method. Carbon block filters contain activated carbon filled cartridges which trap the impurities in supply water. When combined with added features like ion exchange and submicron filtering, these are effective in removing 99% impurities from the water, leaving the essential minerals intact. The safety margin of any water filter system can be increased by using multiple stages of water filtration. The cartridge may become clogged with impurities over a period of time and may need to be replaced. Generally, a cartridge is good enough to be used for about six months, depending on the quality of water and usage of the water filter.

A reverse osmosis filter consists of a membrane which traps all impurities, allowing only pure water molecules to pass through it. All impure water molecules flow away as waste and that means a lot of wastage of water. Not only that, it is found that it removes all minerals from water, including trace minerals which are naturally present in water and are beneficial to humans. For example, calcium and magnesium are generally found in water and are important for growth and development of human body. Fluoride is good for dental health. Thus every health conscious citizen should give a thought to water filter and water filter replacement as the best way to safeguard their family’s health.

A reverse osmosis filter can actually prove to be quite expensive compared to carbon block filter and also involves a complex installation process. Comparatively, a carbon block filter is cheaper and only requires regular filter replacement. Water filter replacement should be done at the recommended intervals. Replacing the cartridge can even upgrade the water filter in many cases. Generally, cartridges come with indicators which indicate when the cartridge becomes clogged with impurities and needs to be replaced. All kinds of replacement filters are easily available and can also be installed easily.