Water filtration system invented no filter replacement

The need for water filtration at homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other public places is felt in the present times more than ever before. There are reports of thousands of contaminants in supply water which is believed to be cleaner than water obtained from wells or springs. These can be industrial wastes, agricultural runoffs or pharmaceutical schemicals or even microscopic germs and bacteria. These can impair human nervous system and digestive system if consumed over a long period of time. A number of water filtration systems have been developed which help to remove various kinds of impurities from water. The most popular is carbon block filtration method which incorporates a cartridge filled with activated carbon granules which absorb impurities like a sponge. The cartridge gets choked with impurities over a period of time and needs to be replaced. There are other water filtration systems invented where no filter replacement is involved.

Crystal Quest is a brand which makes counter top water filters which are publicized as no maintenance no replacement water filters. There are three models, the counter top plus, counter top ultra and countertop ultimate, which are available in white, beige and black colors. These filters are easy to install and use. They come with complete installation hardware needed and can be installed on all standard faucets. This water filtration system invented needing no filter replacement actually has a fixed capacity of filtration. Once it reaches its maximum capacity, the flow of water stops or reduces considerably. Then you need to replace the entire filter canister.

These filters have a life span of one to five years depending on water consumption and model of filter. One big advantage is that these filters are portable. They come in attractive colors and come with a diverter valve which switches between filtered and unfiltered water. The flow rate of these filters is nearly one gallon a minute. This water filtration system needs no filter replacement and therefore no hassles of searching for the right replacement cartridges and no drips and no mess during replacement. These are ideal for places where water consumption is much and frequent filter replacement may be an expensive option.

This water filtration system invented involving no filter replacement consists of a sealed unit which has no replacement cartridge. It can be backwashed, preferably every six months, to extend the life of the filter. It comes with a multi stage filtration system which may be a combination of cyst filters, redox media, ion exchange media and granular carbon media. It can filter up to ten thousand gallons of water in three years, which means a huge saving of money that might go wasted on bottled water, which might not be any safer than regular tap water. This filter has some disadvantages also. The quality of filtration might get affected by the quality and quantity of carbon in the filtration unit. These filters are not very effective in removing many micro organisms and toxic materials also. It removes fluoride from water which carbon block filters cannot remove even if is present in abnormal proportions in water.