Whirlpool ultra ease water filter replacement cartridge

Water contaminants can cause severe health complications. Arsenic in water can cause skin problems and circulatory system problems. Asbestos can result in development of polyps in intestine. Atrazine can cause cardiovascular problems and tumors in mammary glands. Chlorine increases the risk of cancer. Cyanide can damage the nervous system. Lead damages the brain, kidney and nervous system. All these and many other problems can be taken care of if drinking water is filtered or purified. There is a variety of water filters available and the maintenance involved is only to replace the filter cartridges periodically. One of the trusted and reputed brands is Whirlpool which manufactures filter replacement cartridges.

Bottled water, though published as pure water, may not necessarily be free of all kinds of contaminants or micro organisms. In fact, microbes might develop in water even when the bottles are kept on store shelves. Bottled water is expensive and all that plastic packaging also adds to the damage already done to the environment. Water filter is an inexpensive and eco friendly answer to all the health problems caused by drinking contaminated water. There are various kinds of water filters such as whole house filters, shower filters, counter top filters, under sink filters, refrigerator filters and faucet filters. All of these mostly consist of a carbon filled cartridge which removes impurities and odors from water. Once a filter is installed, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced at recommended intervals to ensure that the filter works efficiently always. Whirlpool filter cartridges are easily available and can also fit in all types of filters of most of the leading brands.

Whirlpool ultra ease water filter replacement cartridges are genuine Whirlpool parts, which come with a unique part number which makes it very simple to change filters just by finding replacement cartridges which match the number on the filters. The filter change instructions can be found on the box itself and replacement can be done without any professional help. The filter cartridge should ideally be changed every six months depending upon the water quality and usage of a household. Whirlpool ultra ease water filter replacement cartridges are certified by NSF to reduce chlorine taste and odor in water and also sand, soil, rust and sediment present in water.

There are other water filters also which are manufactured by Whirlpool like a dual stage water filter which needs a different type of replacement cartridge. Whirlpool ultra ease water filter replacement cartridge is available for this kind of water filter also. It is tested and certified for reduction of sediments, cysts, chlorine taste and odor, lead and other chemicals. It also has an indicator light which glows when the cartridge becomes congested with impurities over a period of time and needs replacement. Generally a replacement cartridge is good enough to filter about three hundred gallons of water.

All Whirlpool ultra ease water filter replacement cartridges are tested and certified to ensure that the quality of water is maintained to the purest possible, free from chemicals and harmful sediments. These products come with instructions for replacement. These filter cartridges can replace the cartridges of the filters of most of the leading brands and can be depended upon to deliver safe drinking water always, provided they are replaced at the recommended intervals.