Water and weight loss

Every person desperate to lose weight at some time has considered doing a fast for rapid weight loss. And a water fast will certainly provide quick help with that. But before giving up all food and guzzling gallons of water so you can get into your prom dress, remember what your real motive is.

If you are carrying too much body weight – that goal or objective should be not to lose the weight quickly but to lose body fat. For any weight loss to be permanent – body fat loss is the only way to accomplish that goal. If this is your true objective, weight loss will happen as you reach your body’s “equilibrium” body weight which is a slow process of eating a healthy diet and exercise. This is a lifestyle change where it becomes harder and harder to lose more weight and even more difficult to maintain the loss.

When fasting for rapid weight loss, even while still drinking water, your metabolic hormones feel the lack of calories and will slow down your metabolism in order to preserve your energy supplies. This means that you will reduce your physical activities to preserve your strength, which reduces the burning of stored calories and also results in the “wasting away” of muscle tissue. Your body needs nutrition, so even when starved, it will get that nutrition from any source it can. So your protein needs will be met by protein being taken from your muscles. This, of course, slows your metabolism even further. Some research has suggested that fasting for weight loss will mean that your calcium requirements will be met by calcium from your bones. This can result in weak and brittle bones. The more you do it, the worse your health could become.

So, I would not suggest that anyone become obsessed with this as a “new fad” because you can ruin your health forever.

Fasting sure will give you rapid weight loss – but not body fat loss and it certainly doesn’t seem like a very good thing to do and still maintain a healthy body. When fasting for rapid weight loss you will mostly be losing fluids which could cause dehydration, muscle damage and possibly osteoporosis.

Fasting should never be considered a treatment for being too fat or as a weight loss option. Even when done for other health purposes or spiritual reasons, you should talk to your physician first. He can at least explain the importance of drinking a lot of water during your fast and tell you about a mineral and/or multi vitamin supplement to take during this time.

Fasting or any diet change should always be discussed with your physician first and it is especially important if you are considering water fasting for rapid weight loss.