Let me tell you a story about the greatest weight loss that I have ever had. This is a true story and has lead to a complete lifestyle change for me.

I have always been told that anyone can achieve better weight loss with water but I never believed that. Plus when I was younger, I was thin so I never had to worry about my weight. But as we all know, as we get older, we gain weight and the more weight we gain the more it affects our health.

About six months ago at my annual checkup with my primary care physician, my weight was extremely over what a woman my age should carry to be healthy. Not only that but I was having back problems with pain so bad that at times I couldn’t even walk to my car in the parking lot. I was almost becoming house bound because of the problems just walking. I was also borderline high blood pressure and just did not feel well.

Since I have been working at home, I was not getting out much, and not going outside to even go for a walk, so my weight got higher. One day I had some chest pains and this really scared me. So I decided that I was going to have to get control of these problems, starting with my weight. I greatly reduced my calories and after doing some research on the internet, I added as much fluid as possible – diet soda, water, juice and no fat milk. I have never drunk a lot of fluids so it was not easy at first. I also changed my eating habits to a small meal or something in my stomach every four hours.

Well, surprise, surprise – about six weeks later, I noticed that I had more energy and my back was not bothering me. So, I started walking a little more – to get the mail, to take pictures in the spring – not any power walking, just normal exercise.

Then one day, I was washing my face and I noticed my face looked thinner. Then a few weeks after that, I noticed that my clothes were almost falling off of me. In fact, I was able to get into clothes 2 sizes smaller. I finally got up my nerve and weighed myself. And without trying, I had lost over 30 pounds.

I live in an upstairs apartment and it use to be so hard for me to walk up and down the stairs but I can almost run up the stairs now. The only reason I stay in now is because it is summer and lately it has been 104 to 105 degree outsides, with no rain.

The secret has been my increase in drinking fluids. And my skin, especially on my face, almost glows. So water is the secret ingredient for any healthy lifestyle or healthy diet. Increasing my fluid intake has done wonders for me.

I also discovered that the different types of bottled waters do have different taste. Tap water tastes different than spring water which tastes better than just purified water.

It has been proven that a person will achieve greater weight loss with water. Natural, healthy weight loss can occur just by increasing fluid intake.

So my conclusion is that clean, healthy water is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle and there is greater weight loss with water. I am living proof.