Know the different ways drinking water is purified in the us

If you drink water from different sources in the United States and are curious as to how it is purified then you can satisfy your curiosity by learning about the different ways drinking water is purified in the us. There are different purification processes that can provide you with clear and pure drinking water.

First of all the water itself can be from various sources such as from a river, mountain stream, ground water, etc. However, the aim of each filtration system is to remove all visible and dissolved contaminants, and micro-organisms from that water so as to provide clean water that is safe for drinking. It is also important that vital minerals are retained within that water but some purification processes do manage to restrict helpful minerals from passing through.

The FDA of America has rules and regulations that need to be followed by each bottled water and water filter manufacturer so that the result is clean and safe drinking water for you.

Most manufacturers combine several purification methods to ensure that all types of contaminants are stopped in their tracks. Most filters have a first line of defense in the form of activated charcoal or carbon filters that remove most physical contaminants as well as certain heavy metals, chemicals and odors. This is followed by different processes including reverse osmosis or reo where the water is forced through a permeable membrane that stops all contaminants including microscopic bacteria and cysts. The next process of ultraviolet rays kills any bad bacteria that might have slipped through.

Some companies also use the distillation process where the water is boiled and the vapors are collected again by condensation although some experts opine that valuable minerals are lost in this method. The resultant water is also usually disinfected by an ozone treatment that kills any residual bacteria. This system of purifying water is mostly employed by all reputed bottled water manufacturers such as pepsico and refreshe and you can be sure of getting crystal clear pure drinking water when you buy a bottle of drinking water.

Certain large household dispensers too use the above method of purifying water although on a smaller scale. However, the water that is supplied through such dispensers is totally safe to drink. However, if you travel frequently or are out exercising, jogging, or hiking to places that do not have a secure source of drinking water then portable dispensers like pitchers and sports bottles that have inbuilt filters are the best options. You can collect water from a stream, pond or lake and filter it through the small filter that might contain carbon and silver particles to neutralize any harmful bacteria and small filter pads to trap physical contaminants. You can also add different flavors to that water to make delicious flavored water so that you and your loved ones remain happily hydrated.

There might be several different ways to purify water but at the end of the final process, you should certainly get water that is totally safe for drinking. If you know the different ways drinking water is purified in the us then you can make an informed choice as to the type of bottled water, or large or portable dispenser that you might plan to buy in the future.