Soda water maker at home allows you contribute to saving environment

Soda water has been a popular drink since its invention. Over the years it has been given different names. There are a few variations with flavors and other ingredients that have gained popularity. Carbonated soft drinks are among the most popular. However, with studies suggesting that they are not as healthy as they were thought to be, many are opting for other flavored drinks like soda water, sparkling water and seltzer water. You need not even buy soda water from the store. If you have soda water maker at home you would be doing your part in helping environment.

Many people love soda, seltzer or sparkling water more than plain water. Often it’s the fizz in it that they simply enjoy than the tap water. You may be buying these bottled drinks when you want them as you like them. However, bottled water may be cleaner, purer but the damage the bottles cause to the environment is irreversible. If you want to do your part for environment, you do not need to quit drinking your fizzy drinks. You can simply buy soda water makers from the market and make soda water for yourself at home.

Among the most popular soda water makers available are those from SodaStream. They market their product as “Active Green” product. It means that their consumers are able to actively reduce their CO2 footprint. The best thing about this product is that you can use tap water. You need not use other beverages then. SodaStream offer very sleek and fashionable looking soda water makers. There is a wide range of colors that can easily match with your kitchen décor. You do not need any bottles, cans and electricity.

One of their fancy models on offer is the Penguin water carbonator. It is the only soda maker with glass carafes. It is very simple to use. Fill the reusable glass carafe with water and insert it into the Penguin. The carbonation process starts when you press the carbonating ‘beak’. You can even customize carbonation so that you get the right amount of fizz.

The soda maker comes with two carafes and two refillable CO2 cartridges. Each one has a capacity to carbonate around 60 carafes. You can have them refilled or replaced one they are depleted. The design is very simple, easy to clean and with an automatic access gas release mechanism. It does not even take up much space on the counter tops and is very striking.

There are other models as well like Fountain Jet and Edition 1, which are their original models. The only difference between them is the stainless steel exterior of Edition 1.

Using your own home soda water maker means there is need for less packaging of cans and bottles that most times does not get recycled and ends up in landfills. Moreover with less need for transportation of bottled drinks, there is less pollution caused. Even your carbonator does not need to be thrown away, it can be refilled and reused. With soda water maker you can have a tasty, fizzy soda and even add a variety of flavored and healthy mix available.