industrial water filtration – its uses and applications

Clean and pure water is the source behind the smooth functioning of manufacturing plants. But once this water gets polluted with dirt and other contaminants, it increases corrosion and scaling of equipments, wastes energy, lowers thermal efficiency and can go on to affect the quality of the product being made. Water contamination is inevitable. But the solution to restore it to its clean and pure self is simple. Industrial Water filtration is the answer to all these problems. It is the least expensive and most effective ways to combat equipment scaling and fouling problems all of which are caused by dirty water

In today’s day water needs to be sourced from all possible channels ground water. Water from contaminated wells and other such sources are being used by municipalities and industries alike and water treatments have become the need of the hour. Industrial water filtration systems are required for treating contaminants such as Arsenic, Chrome, Manganese, Nitrates, VOC (Volatile organic compounds), MTBE (Methyl tertiary-butyl ether) etc which are present in ground water.

Industrial water filtration is used in several industries. Cooling towers, Mining, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Pharma are some of the industries where water filtration finds great use.

In cooling towers industrial water filtration is required to reduce the downtime of condensers and heat exchangers. These filtration systems reduce scaling and ensure that operational costs remain low as frequent cleaning requirements are taken care of.

In the automotive industry having clean and pure water is a great necessity. High purity of water is required for the assembly plant paint lines, Zero Liquid discharge and for e-coating. Along with this wastewater treatment and water recovery are also of importance to this industry. Filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis Systems and Deionization systems are most commonly used in this industry

Pharmaceutical industries require high purity water, USP purified water, boiler feed as well as wastewater treatment. Commonly used industrial water filtration systems in this industry are Deionization and reverse osmosis. Some companies also use technologies such as electrodeionization for bio pharmaceutical water purification

In the Oil and Gas industry it is crucial to meet water quality specifications. Injection and reinjection is important to preserve reservoir permeability. Water filtration technologies used are coarse screening filters, solid separation filters, deareation, sulfate removal through nano filtration membrane systems, electro-chlorinization, chemical feed systems etc.

Reverse osmosis also finds its place in the Food and Beverage industry. In this segment industrial water filtration is required for water and waste water treatment using physical/ chemical, biological, evaporation and recovery technologies. Water treatment processes include disinfection, oxygen removal systems, membrane filtration etc.

Every industry has its own specific water treatment requirement. It is best to have a professional assess your water through water testing so that you can select the correct water filter size and type. Through industrial water filtration other water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and wells can be utilized in plants where raw quality water do not meet permitted standards. These filtration techniques reduce plant water expenses by reconditioning it and making this water re-usable.

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